Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Considering ??

I am still very sore... more so than I recall in '06 when I did Portland. After CIM '07, muscle soreness was hardly noticeable. Today, my legs are still weak and have even 'given out' on me a couple of times when the kids and I walked to the park (just 2 blocks away).

I'm still floating on cloud 9 after my PR. I really didn't expect to improve at all going in... I really struggled with burn-out (training or weather induced ??) in the months prior to Eugene. Yet... would you believe I'm already dreaming of and planning my 4th?! Though I can't consider myself a Maniac, I love marathons. I love running.

My success on Sunday has reinvigorated me - summer is nearly here and the opportunities to get outdoors (running, swimming or cycling) are endless. Race season is here! There are opportunities to race all summer long! Racing is a celebration for all the training I have done.

I have just 10 minutes to shave off to qualify... only 25 seconds per mile. Once I've recovered, my thought is that I can resume training, beginning at 30-35 miles a week. A part of me wants to jump at the next opportunity (Pacific Crest in June). Another part of me says wait until at least Fall (Portland or Bizz) or perhaps even later (CIM, Phoenix or Eugene '09).

Who am I kidding though? I should maintain until July - then begin again for a fall marathon. That would logically be in my best interest, right?


  1. I'm thinking I should not comment...my idea of training probably isn't in your best interest!

  2. I know you'd say, "Run them ALL!" Someday maybe. If I were to do that now, I think that I would end up with a stress-induced injury... or a stressed out marriage! :D

  3. Typically? Well, I ran Big Sur a week ago yesterday, and I am running Tacoma on Saturday. I've run them on back-to-back weekends too. Ideally, I like two weekends between - that way I don't worry about a long run. If I have three weekends I try to stick a 10-15 miler in the middle. For the week after - I am usually out running five miles two days later and into my normal schedule of 25-30. Does that help?

  4. I have NO DOUBTS you will shave the 10 mins off. When? Is up to you :-)

  5. Yep.. not much I can say here! Do whatever you feel comfortable with.

  6. You should use this awesome performance as your motivation to push just a little harder to get that qualifying time.
    When to race again? Only your body knows. Recover fully, come back strong and see how your body feels. Then start planning for your next

  7. Do we not see this all the time? By co-oping your training and not thinking you were "ready" you took the pressure off yourself mentally, then you kicked butt!

    I know you will qualify for Boston. That 25 seconds a mile thing doesn't have a chance!!

  8. With your determination and will power, you CAN do whatever you set your mind to. Great run!


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