Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another Week in Review

We went home for the holiday weekend and I thereby haven't had an opportunity to blog about our endeavors. I will briefly summarize the workouts I've accomplished but the most exciting news is that I am swimming again! I got Buddy cleared with the childcare center and the subsequent reports have been very positive.

Thursday ~ Masters

600m warm-up mixed stroke
10 x 25m backstroke drill
5 sets of (4 x 50m freestyle descending)
1850m total

Friday ~ Easy Run
4.16 miles @ 37:22 (8:59 pace)

Saturday ~ Long Run (hilly course)
10 miles @ 1:38:56 (10:06 pace)
The last mile was a cool-down with Sweetie - and she walked most of it - our pace was 13:43. Prior to the cool-down my average pace was 9:27.

Sunday / Monday ~ Rest

Tuesday ~ Masters
800m warm-up long course (2oom free, 200m breast, 200m back, 200m kicking w/fins)
6 x 50m butterfly drill
4 x 300m freestyle, descending
2300m total

Wednesday ~ Whatever Feels Good
7 miles @ 1:08:09 (9:44 pace)
About a mile in, I met up with another runner who happened to be turning around at the point I hopped off the road and onto the river trail. As we were running in the same direction, I asked if she wouldn't mind a little company. I don't often get to run with other runners so I didn't want to let the opportunity pass me by. She was concerned that her pace would be too slow but it was very comfortable... just right.

Turns out she is an ultra runner and did a 50K just a few weeks ago. She is currently training for the PCT 50 miler... a run I have heard nothing but positive things about. The more I get into running, the more appealing ultras become. I may find myself running one sooner than I originally anticipated. We'll see.

Anyway, we had a nice chat. Turns out she is good friends with Sean (one of the ultra-runners I follow). We parted ways at about 2.4 miles. She'll be doing the Dirty Half in 2 weeks - hopefully we'll see one another again. :D


  1. You are superwoman! Swimming, running, homeschooling, mommying.... You are awesome!


  2. Well, you just need to tell Sweetie to pick up the pace :-) ROFL!!!

  3. Nice and consistent week. An ultra! Wow.. for even thinking about it :D

  4. Falling in with other runers and chatting a bit is always informative. Just as you have things to say that are new to them, vice-versa. I spent a mile chasing a guy and finally caught him. He'd heard me coming and increased his speed. He could tell I raced b/c I still caught up, and he was an ultra runner. I was getting ready for the Lake Tahoe Relay and he had run a marathon there. I picked his brains (about going from sealevel to 6200 feet) and it was very helpful.


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