Thursday, May 22, 2008

13 Reflections of My 36 Years ~ Thursday Thirteen #18

I turned 36 on Monday. On a run earlier this week, I reflected on a few things I thought I might share.

1. Husband: The love of my life.

2. Children: My dream come true.

3. Trips to the ER: 1 due to complications after the birth of Sweetie. 1 when I broke my wrist last winter and slipped on an icy patch while running on a trail.

4. College Degrees: Associates of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree. Bachelor of Science in General Science. Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. Master of Arts in Teaching (Elementary Education).

5. Loves Lost: My grandparents Louie, Wayne & Margaret. My friend and coach Paul MacDonald. My mentor teacher Minnie Gnos.

6. Hobbies: I have always enjoyed arts and crafts. Like most parents with young children, it is difficult to find the time to pursue my creative interests. However, I do find time to enjoy several; Scrapbooking/Genealogy, Biological Illustration/Nature Journals, Cake Decorating, Pine Needle Baskets, Reading and Journal Writing.

7. Teaching: I have taught for 6 1/2 years in the public school; 4 as an elementary science specialist and 2 as a 5th grade teacher (the 1/2 accounts for the 6 months I substituted in K-8). I absolutely loved my job (despite the unending piles of assignments to grade and the occasional confrontation with parents). I am on a new path now and though we have only just begun our homeschooling journey, I am having so much fun! Sweetie frequently remarks how much she loves homeschooling, too. As we gain experience and work out the kinks, I know it will only get better.

8. Vacations/Travel: My first experience on an airplane was when I flew alone to Guadalajara, Mexico (thereafter taking a bus to San Miguel de Allende, Gto.) for a summer study abroad/field experience. Thereafter, I have traveled frequently with my husband on vacations to Hawaii 3x, Cancun, Whistler B.C., Colorado 3x (DH earned is MBA UC @Denver), New England, Florida (Disney World), and Los Angeles 2x (Disneyland). I also spent 2 weeks in Ecuador as part of an Earthwatch Expedition on Rainforest Caterpillars.

9. Dream Vacations: In no particular order, the places I hope to someday experience for myself include: Norway (most definitely my top choice), England, Italy, Greece, China, India, Phillipines, Thailand, and New Zealand.

10. Books/Reading: I've read 10 so far this year... only 54 more to go in the 888 Challenge. I got started in late February and was doing well. I've slowed down lately though and hope to get going again this weekend. The Well-Educated Mind by Susan Wise Bauer just arrived on my doorstep yesterday and I jumped right in. With it as a guide, I'll be beginning a self-guided study of the classics in June. Care to join me?

11. Girlfriends: Eleven close girl friends. Only 3 remain true. I've been thinking a lot about female friendships this past year. I've even read a couple of books trying to come to grips with the emotional turmoil some negative friendships have caused. I'll be posting more on this topic soon.

12. Annual Camping Tradition: 2008 will mark our 12th consecutive year of camping at Indian Mary. Our numbers have waxed and waned but a core group has always remained. We have experienced many wonderful moments and one quite scary.

13. Running: I've completed 14 races since I started running in earnest in 2006: 3 full marathons, 3 halves, 3 10Ks, 2 15Ks, 1 30K, 1 12-miler, and 1 10-miler. My goal is to continue to run at least one full marathon each year and during peak racing season (spring thru fall) at least one race each month.

It has been quite a journey and I have learned so much. I look forward to what tomorrow will bring. :D

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  1. Great list!!

    Happy Birthday to you.......

    My TT is up, a little blast from the past, maybe there is something there you might enjoy today. Best wishes and have a great day!

  2. Happy birthday. Your life has been quite a journey and still quite far to go.

  3. Great reflections and happy belated birthday darling!
    Happy TT, hope you'll visit my 33rd TT...Fragments of Life at The Cafe.

  4. Happy Birthday! I turned 36 last month, too, but I didn't do something cool like this list. I wish I had. Happy TT!

  5. Happy Birthday! Thats a wonderful post.

  6. Nice summation. Looks like a well-balanced running routine that counter balances your well thought out life. I started running at age 48 and it got me through a lot of things. I like your vacation wish list--although I have never left NA, I hope to go to some of those places you listed. First I'm rafting down the Grand Canyon though this summer.

  7. Happy Birthday! Great reflections - you're quite the educated gal!

  8. 3 marathons - WoW!
    Have a Happy Birthday Week and enjoy the holiday weekend.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. very to read and get to know you more...

    and i hear ya when it comes to female friendships...i am trying to come to grips with some of the one sided friendships...and the energy it takes to keep them almost 40 i am not sure i have it in me anymore...ha :)

    your family picture is beautiful!


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