Sunday, March 16, 2008

Long Run Bliss

After my failed attempt to run 16 last week, I was a little apprehensive going into today's run. It was a beautiful day, though. I was determined to take it slow and easy as I tend to push the pace on my recovery/long days.

DH accompanied me from the get go... he actually went out ahead on the bike with kids in tow and stopped at the park to let the kids play on the structures until I caught up. Before I got there, I added an additional mile of cul-de sacs and dead-end streets so my mileage at the park was 5 miles and approximately 45 minutes.

We regrouped the kiddos and then did 2 more out before we turned around for home. The return is mostly uphill, so though he got a head start on me... I overtook him on the hill. He caught up later though when I elected to take a .2 mile detour - he didn't see me, assumed I had made good time ahead, so he picked up his own pace. I didn't see him again until I got home at 13 miles.

Sweetie asked to join me and I gladly accepted her company... thinking we'd cover at least one mile together like usual. However, she heard the neighbor girls outside playing and decided to join them after only 0.33 of a mile. 13.33 mile at 2:02:31 / 9:11 avg pace

I went inside... made DH a sandwich while he showered with Buddy and Sweetie ventured to the backyard. I then resumed my run and finished the final 3 miles on the treadmill finishing at 27:48 / 9:16 avg pace.

It has been a solid week. I did 4 treadmill miles on Friday and another 4 with DH & the kiddos on Saturday... both easy/recovery runs at about 35 minutes. I nailed a negative split on the run Saturday... 18:46 on the first 2 / 17:00 on the final 2.

Finishing the week with 41 miles. Next week is a little recovery week ... my long run at 13 over Easter weekend (good timing!) and then 15, 18, 2o, 18, 13, and finally my 3rd MARATHON !


  1. Bring on that third marathon! You running has been extraordinary and you will be ORESOME :-)

  2. Third! You're in great shape for this one!

  3. Nice job! That's a great long run and training week. Keep that marathon prep rolling.

  4. Wow! 41 miles in one week! I can't even imagine that. Great job!


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