Monday, March 17, 2008

Do You Nordic ??

The Pole Pedal Paddle is coming up and we still haven't finalized our team enough to register. To field 2 complete co-ed teams, we lack just one cross-country/nordic skier (though most of the competitors now skate ski). If you would like to take part - PLEASE speak up!! Let me know of you and your desire to participate.

We aren't a competitive team - we are doing it for the joy and comraderie more than anything. Though we do aim to not come in last in our respective age category.

This will be our 3rd year and each year has been more exciting and wonderful than the last. We always enjoy many laughs and a glorious feast the night following the event.

Last year we fielded two teams and hope to do so again. So far, however, the legs are assigned as follows:

Alpine ~ DH and D2
Nordic ~ Me and KA
Bike ~ Me/DH and Mom
Run ~ Me and Kong
Kayak ~ Bar and Kong
Sprint ~ the kiddos

I've got a call into my sitter - hoping to work something out so I can get a few days of lessons in before the actual event. From all that I hear, skate skiing isn't as easy as it looks.... particularly going uphill. My thinking is that I can chuck the skies and run in the snow if need be... I'll be sure to pack my Trax. :D

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