Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nothing Can Stop Me Now

knock on wood...

With a treadmill and new found enthusiasm, I am eager to begin training again. I revised my training plan to adjust the length of my long runs & thereby accomodate my long hiatus. I still hope to run Peterson Ridge 30K Apr 13th and the Eugene Marathon May 3rd.We'll have to see how things go, however. I went out today and did 5 miles. It was snowing heavily and I had to maneuver around berms, snow banks, and occasional plows. I averaged 10 minutes miles. Considering that I haven't done much of anything for 2 months and the conditions, I am happy with that. Hopefully, I'll get to pull things around quickly.

If you are interested in a few cute snow pictures, click here.


  1. Holy bejeez :-) That plan would kill me! You go, girl!! Bring it home!!

  2. I gotta agree with Wes. The only ones I'd manage to cross out are the ones with "Rest"!

    So did you get the treadmill setup?

  3. Good for you for setting that plan up and for locking in on your goals.

    I have to say... I am so jealous you have a TM. I want one here at home so badly!!!


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