Thursday, January 31, 2008

Not Training but Staying Busy

I have thereby put my extra time to good use - I have started a new scrapbook project inspired by Ali Edwards. It is called Everyday Life and is super easy. She did all the work - I just upload my own photos. I can't wait to see the finished product!

Photoshop Elements 6.0 for Mac will be released in March. I'm anxious to get it and start scrapbooking again. I could use my laptop - but the screen is too small (I know - I'm spoiled now). I have so many layout floating around in my head.

I have started sewing again. I made several baby pouches for carrying little ones (the photo shows the one we used with our babies), a dress for Sweetie and I've repaired numerous pants and shirts. It has been a lot of fun. I miss this outlet. I am looking forward to doing more and most certainly entering some of my handcrafts into the county fair once again. Sweetie wants to learn as well. I love homeschooling!

I've also planned our next thematic unit for our homeschool - The Iditarod / Alaska. We are so excited about it because a local musher will be competing for her 3rd consecutive year! We hope to meet her someday. Perhaps the most exciting part is that on March 1st, we are going on a dog sled tour ourselves! I'll be certain to take photos and post them for you all. :)

I need to work on a few more time consuming projects - most importantly, renewing my teaching license (I need 12 college credits). I am hoping that I can get independent study history credit for our work as living history interpretors. I just need to write out a narrative to explain what we do, what we've learned, etc. It's busy work. Not a fun creative outlet so I keep putting it off.


  1. Congrats on getting the new thrill mill :-) FYI: I have a basement, but all of our exercise equipment is in the living room! LOL!!! We don't entertain, so we have no living room furniture anyways :-)

    The sledding stuff sound fabulous! Hope you get a run in soon, treadmill or otherwise!!

  2. I'll say.. you have been busy. You are so creative with the things you do! And I completely agree with you on the monitors. I dream of owning a 30" cinemascope Apple!


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