Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Longest Run

I managed to run 6.9 miles today... the longest distance I have covered since the 2nd of December when I finished the California International Marathon. I think I'm back in the swing of things - good thing, because my new plan starts tomorrow!

The weather though has been crazy and I don't have a treadmill. So, it can be very difficult to get my runs accomplished. A girlfriend and I will resume our child swap - so I will have at least one day free (barring illnesses, etc.) plus three days at the gym (2 for Masters/1 for the treadmill). Things are looking up. :)

Today's run covered a ~3.3 mile loop that I did twice. I was aiming for negative splits and I nailed it. The first loop was 28:58 (8:46 average mile) and the second loop was 26:10 (7:55). I'm very pleased - particularly considering that parts of the road were a little icy and I had to be careful. I certainly don't want to fall and break anything again - I think this is one reason I have been less eager to run outdoors this year. I finished off with an easy cool-down jog around the neighborhood (.3 mile).

I am excited about the 2008 race season. I haven't registered for anything yet but there are a number of races that I strongly want to partake in... if training stays on course.

Peterson Ridge Rumble 30K - April 13
Eugene Marathon - May 3
Pole Pedal Paddle - May 17 (triathlon: nordic ski/bike/run or duathlon: bike/run)
Pacific Crest Marathon - June 28
Deschutes Dash Olympic Tri - July 19
Circle the Bay 30K - Aug 2
Prefontaine 10K - Sept 20
Portland Marathon - Oct 5 (I've done this one already so I'd prefer to do Bizz - need to convince the family)
Bizz Johnson - Oct 12
CIM - Dec 7 (Loved it but not sure DH will want to make the drive again - it was rough; distance/snow storm)

hmmmmm ???


  1. Eric was signed up for Bizz in 2005 but got injured at Tahoe Triple and couldn't do it. He's been anxious to do it ever since. However, I don't think 08 will be the year - we've got too much travel on the books as it is. I might do Portland again, it would be my 3rd!

  2. Great run Makita!

    Your 2008 schedule looks good!

    Keep pressing toward the finish line,


  3. Bizz is pretty but not really a fast race - if you're focused on a BQ, Portland might be a better call. Have a great year, whichever races you choose.

  4. Yes, yes , yes - The Eugene Marathon. This year they are allowing 2000 entries for the half and 2000 for the Full. It's going to be fantastic!

  5. Be careful. I watch the weather there on the news and can't imagine you out there running.

    Maybe you should wear ice skates.


  6. Thats a nice race schedule. Do you use Yak Trax? I've been hearing everyone else praise them.

    Btw.. did you get the pictures? I mailed them last Monday.

  7. What? Only one triathlon? ;-) Very impressed with THAT kind of negative split. I guess not being able to run outside in a while was some incentive :-)

  8. P.S. Did you get the memo???

    Check out yesterday's post on blogland book club!


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