Thursday, December 6, 2007

Running Goals for 2008 ~ Thursday Thirteen

1. Qualify to run BOSTON (i.e. finish under 3:45). To accomplish this, I'll need to do the following:
2. Increase weekly mileage from average 35+ to 50+.
3. Build a solid core.
4. Eat healthier and possibly loose 5 lbs (I generally weigh in at 126-130 - I can lose a few).
5. Run easy on recovery days. Run hard on hard days.
6. Weight train more consistently (related to #3).
7. Improve race strategy (fewer porta-potty visits and consistent effort in middle miles).
8. Run with a others - join local running club and join them for long runs.
9. Do daily doubles - particularly on swim days.
10. Try water running.
11. Push myself harder on tempo/speed days. I want to be a little sore the next day.
12. Up my training paces (goal pace) from 8:30 to 8:20. ???
13. Stay motivated throughout training - stop cutting runs short. This is probably the most important one - looking at my training log, I did that a lot prior to CIM.

Previous Training Paces:
GP = 8:30 (marathon finish 3:42:52)
T = 8:10
C = 7:20 (1 mile), 3:40 (800)
SI = 3:30 (800), 1:45 (400)
** As I trained for CIM, I frequently nailed those times. Occasionally, I was even faster (particularly towards the end of the training cycle and through the taper). Other times, I was slower (when pushing the stroller but other times, too). I just wasn't consistent. **

New 'Goal' Training Paces:
GP = 8:20 (marathon finish 3:38:29)
T = 8:00
C = 7:10 (1 mile), 3:30 (800)
SI = 3:20 (800), 1:35 (400)


  1. Ah, the Boston siren has hooked another one. Good luck to you. It seems like that goal is well within your reach. Go for it!

  2. Great goals, your linky was acting up so it wouldn't let me paste my link in, if you'd like to visit click my name...

  3. I love your goal.. a lot of those are things I need to do better with too!

  4. That's a lot to achieve, so best of luck!


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