Saturday, December 22, 2007

Look What My Sweetheart Gave Me

Very Cool!
Now I can shout out to everyone that I am a marathoner. :)

I'll look so official! I feel I need to do a tri now...

I was also given a bottle of perfume (3121) which came with Prince's Planet Earth CD.

My Christmas has been wonderful... and it has only just begun. The kiddos loved their gifts from us and one another. I was surprised that Sweetie enjoyed the Bella Sara
cards most of all. I hadn't realized she liked them so much. Funny how they can always surprise us. :)

DH was quite impressed with his "Choose Your Own Christmas Adventure" .... I had devised a game of sorts similar to the surprisingly popular Choose Your Own Adventure stories from our youth. It started with a challenge and if he chose to accept it, he had to kiss me. If his kiss proved worthy, he was granted the next clue or segment to his gift. All were related to fitness as I know that is one of his goals for the upcoming year. As he progressed through the game, he was given choices;
  • If you choose golf, give me a shoulder massage.
  • If you choose cycling, then give me a passionate kiss.
  • If you choose alpine skiing, give me a hug and grab my bootie.
I believe he got a big kick out of the quest and in the end his adventure will bring him a new bike. He hasn't yet decided on road or mountain, but I'm pushing for road. We'll keep ya'll informed.

P.S. A treadmill is still tops on my wish list but DH and I talked it over and we'd rather wait until Sept/Oct of '08 when the current models go on clearance. We missed the big sales this year. Besides, the new computer was a need while the treadmill is a want. Priorities, right? :)


  1. Makita, Merry Christmas! I feel as though I've been gone all too long!

    I hope you and the family have a safe trip to the coast. And I hope your holiday is filled with tons of joy and lots of love!

  2. Have an awesome holiday with your family! Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas!

  3. Very cool :-) You guys are awesome! Merry Christmas!!!


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