Friday, December 28, 2007


It is becoming increasingly difficult this holiday season to get in my workouts. One or more of the following have contrived to throw me way off course.

Family Gatherings
Traveling (to/from said family gatherings)
No Transportation (DH's car is in the shop and he took mine)
Blizzard-like conditions
No Child-care
Lack of Enthusiasm/Desire

Boy do I wish I had a treadmill.

I'll basically have to begin a new in '08.


  1. Take a little off season :-) Enjoy :-)

  2. Yea.. take it easy and enjoy the break!

  3. I hear ya! Even with a treadmill things this time of year just get in the way of training. Bright & early Wednesday morning I will be heading down to the basement to begin training again!

  4. Girl, I right there with ya! Annoyed!

  5. You are not alone, my friend. This is why I PLAN on low mileage or even NO mileage for the month of December. I don't hold back on any indulging in sweets or even some alcohol. Of course I've probably gained a few pounds, but I know it'll go away when marathon training starts. You have to allow yourself this down time every now and then. Your motivation will come back! Enjoy this while it lasts. :)


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