Thursday, June 14, 2007

How Is It Done?

In the past I have loved Tempo Runs. My course was planned out on a road and I knew where each mile split was located along the course. I could glance at my Timex sports watch and know whether I was running too fast or too slow (roughly anyway).

Today, I run with a Garmin. I no longer have to map out my course or know where the specific mile markers are located along my route. I can glance at my watch and see more data than I could ever hope to use.

What I like best about the Garmin is it allows me to take a different route - explore new paths. I can now glance at my watch and know not only whether or not I need to speed up or slow down, but also how far I've traversed. Cool stuff.

So, how do you do a Tempo Run? How do you try to maintain a consistent pace throughout? Do you constantly looking at your watch as I do? Or, do you just go with what 'feels right'? Perhaps you don't even bother? :)

Today's plan was 2 miles at GP (8:35), 4 miles at Tempo (8:05), and 2 miles at GP (8.35). Of course, I'm pushing the jogger again so I don't have a clue how to adjust these numbers accordingly... I just aim for this pace.

The first two miles were right on the mark ~ 8:36 and 8:40. Considering the fact that I'm still pushing the stroller, the third was great ~ 8:25.

After that, I started to feel the heat of the day (even though it was only 70 degrees). So, I stopped to walk about 1/10th of a mile at the start of each mile as I re-hydrated and let my heartrate come down a little. My splits for these next 3 miles were 9:29, 9:32, and 10:44. There are a few segments here where I have to push the jogger up a tiny incline - not much of a hill really, but I'm not able to swing my arms as much and it requires more effort on my part to keep the jogger moving.

Feeling fatigued, I elected to do just one more and call it a day. The last mile was 9:46. All total I did 7 miles in 1:05 (an average pace of 9:19). I still very much enjoy Tempo Runs - they are becoming more of a challenge, however. Perhaps because the new training plan has me going faster for longer periods of time? I like it though. I'll continue to push myself.

When we got back home, I jumped into a cold bath for a short time. It is always hard getting in at first but my legs feel so much more relaxed when I get out. I've actually come to enjoy them. My question, though, is how long do I stay? Long enough for goosebumps to appear? Until my lips begin to turn blue?


  1. Awesome run Makita! Especially w/ the jogging stroller. You are doing great. You will continue to improve and you will really see it when you run your 5 and 10K races during training. You will amaze yourself.

    I think the current recommendation on ice baths is 10 minutes, then hop out and go about your business for 10 minutes, then back in for another 10 minutes.

    I don't have the time to do that, so I soak in the cold water for 15 and call it good.

  2. LOL. You crack me up Makita! Stay in the cold bath as long as you can stand it :-) When I check out my Garmin at the end of a run, it tells me I have no freakin idea how to hold a pace! LOL. You can actually set paces in the Garmin, then there is yet another window that will tell you what your pace is. Another way to do is to setup a workout with your virtual partner, then if you stay within 12 feet of your virtual partner, you know you are on pace for your workout. Funny, I always look at that as a challenge and leave VP way behind :-)

  3. like wes was saying in his comment, you can set up a virtual partner at the pace you want to keep in the garmin.

    i bet the stroller is shaving off a bit of time... too bad they dont have a virtual partner with a stroller for the garmin!

    on ice baths ... i believe its 5-10 minutes. Here's some more info:


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