Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Finding the Stroke

At Masters yesterday, the workout was a mix of endurance & medley. I was able to get in a 750m warmup (150m w/ fins), before Coach started the official practice. His plan for the day was 4-6 300m sets with the odd sets a solid 300m free and the even sets 4x75m medley (1st - fly back breast [I have to sub free for fly], 2nd - back breast free). We did 4 300m sets in my lane. I led most of the time and really tried to maintain a strong, steady pace.

With just 30 sec rest between 300s and 15 sec between 75s, I was breathing pretty hard. I was quite tired when we started the last 300 medley and I am very slow on the breast so at that point, a few of the other swimmers went ahead of me. I didn't like that. I like being in the lead now. I obviously have some work to do.

However, I feel I have found the right 'zone' for the breast stroke. I am generally able to do 2 strokes before I take a breath which has really helped me get a better, more aerodynamic position. I can actually feel the smoother forward motion... more of a glide than a push through the water. It takes some work... some effort... but I am definately improving.

Total swim distance: 2000m (I threw in a 50m cooldown at the end)


  1. A 750m warmup? Wow! LOL. That's a workout by itself. I breath on every breast stroke :-) Since I use those to warm up and warm down, I'm not overly concerned with "technique", but truth is, I've never learned how to do it "proper".

  2. I think I need to get a swim coach! There's no way I would be able to do that workout without some guidance. I'd sink! Great job, Makita!

  3. > I have to sub free for fly

    Have you tried single arm fly?

  4. Swimming with Masters has been great. I love that there are others in my lane because it forces me to push myself. When I am alone and lack competition, I tend to slack off. The coach is able to provide feedback on form and the greatest thing is the variety of workouts. I'm not just doing laps. It keeps it interesting and I stay motivated.

    Joe - I have tried the single arm yet. I will definately give that a try tomorrow. :)


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