Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Feeling Lazy Yet Creative Too

I was feeling physically lazy today (still a little sore from Monday's CF workout and the hills the day before) so I decided not to do the speed work on my training plan. In fact, I ended up not doing anything more than lifting my little ones into the car as we went to karate this afternoon.

Instead, I sat in front of my computer and scrapbooked 6 pages! Yoo hoo! I've posted a couple for your viewing pleasure. :)


  1. very cool. i didn't know that people did that on the computer.

    also, haaaa, got ya beat on the toenail thing. i lost 14 last year. no, not polydactyl. some grew back and i would hammer them again.

    great training schedule.

  2. Now that's some scrap bookin talent. Way to exercise your mind :-)


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