Friday, March 16, 2007

Pole Pedal Paddle 2007

We've registered 2 teams for this years Pole Pedal Paddle. Thus, promising a fun and exciting event as we'll most likely try to outdo the other team. :)

Team A

Darin - alpine
Brooke - nordic
me - bike
me - run
Bar - kayak
Lil Buddy - sprint

Team B

Bud - alpine
Mark - nordic
Mom - bike
AmaKong - run
AmaKong - kayak
Sweetie - sprint

This year, I am participating in two legs... the bike (new for me) and the run (same as last year). It will be a good test of whether a tri is a possibility. However, there is a potential that a wedding reception will take place the same weekend of the Pacific Crest Tri that I had my eyes on... so, I'll potentially have to find another tri to try. :)

Beginning in front of Mt.Bachelor nordic lodge, the bike leg is a beautiful ride along the scenic Century Drive for 35K - the majority being a descent, except one uphill stretch after the Sunriver junction. I'll then proceed to Colorado Ave. where I'll ditch the bike (hopefully, my support team will be there to cheer me on and grab my bike) and begin the run leg. I then head towards the scenic running trail along the Deschutes River. I make contact with the kayaker on the shore after I complete the 10K run. *Same course as last year - and this time around, they state 10K not 8K as they stated in the program last year. I knew it! A sweet PR becomes official a year later!

We're off for the coast this weekend to see family. I'll be back Sunday - hoping to do my long run on Sat to the lakes and back, unless I find a local race. :)


  1. What is your team's name this year? I remember you had a contest or something like that to name last year's team.

  2. Since we have pretty much the same team as last year - we are keeping the old name: "Sur 5 ers" and adding "Sur 5 ers 2"


  3. You better believe it there will be a celebration on June 24 -- the date is locked in. I am now running crazy trying to put together the invites. Stay tuned :). Kong PS: Sorry I ruined the Pacific Crest for you. If they let teams compete, I could help you with it in '08 (I can't swim to save my life).

  4. The Pacific Crest isn't ruined. I'd much rather be celebrating with you! Besides, family comes before racing and there is always next year. :)

  5. Sigh ... I miss kayaking since having my baby. If things go right, his little PFD will arrive, and we'll head out on Sunday. Good luck!

  6. Absolutely you can try a tri :-) Like I told Dee Dee, it just depends on what your goals for the race are! The relay sounds awesome, and you are going to have a great time!!!


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