Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Favorite Childhood TV Show ~ CHBM Carnival

When I was a child, we lived in a rural area and thereby our television reception was a little poor. I remember we had only a few channels for many years and most had fuzzy reception. We didn't get cable until my brothers and I were older, I think jr. high.

For this reason, our viewing choices were relatively limited. During the day, the only channel that broadcast children's programs was TBS out of Atlanta (the others aired the soaps). To this day, my brother is an Atlanta Braves baseball fan. :)

The daytime programs we watched were:
Little House on the Prairie
I Dream of Genie
Happy Days
Leave it to Beaver
Father Knows Best
The Flintstones
Gilligans Island

In the evening, we rarely watched television. My father generally was home by 3:30 p.m. and would work in the garage or across the street with his portable sawmill until dinner was ready around 5:30. He would then rest comfortably in his easy chair and watch the news while we did our homework or otherwise entertained ourselves. On the rare occasions when we would watch a program, the ones I remember are Grizzly Adams, The Dukes of Hazard, Emergency, and CHiPS.

So... what program would I consider to be my favorite?? I'd have to say 'Little House on the Prairie'. I enjoyed the program so much I even read the books (Grandma V gave me the boxed set one year for Christmas). I thought Laura Ingalls was cool.

This program alng with a number of other things during my childhood really helped to mold the person I am today. I've never been a girlie-girl. Sure I like to get my nails done on occasion, but more frequently I am picking up bugs or the skeletal remains of critters I find when we go for family walks. I am most definately a 'Tom Boy'.

The show also helped instill within me a love of history. My favorite movie and literary genre is without a doubt historical fiction. When we moved to Central Oregon, I jumped at the opportunity to volunteer as a living history interpreter.

Here are photos of the kids and I in character. :)


  1. I like your brother :-) and we grew up watching the same stuff. That's cool. Luv the pics by the way. Where are you renting those beautiful children from ;-)

  2. My goodness a TV show totally inspired some cool activities for you and your family.
    I love it.

    I loved that show too...I always thought I was Laura Ingalls in another life...ha!

  3. Little House on the sister watched that and begged me to watch it with her.

    I Dream of Genie...check!

    Happy Days...check! Eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

    Leave it to Beaver...not a real fan

    Father Knows Best...barely remember it.

    The Flintstones...check! Da da da DA da DA! CHARGE IT!

    Gilligans Island...check! Hey Little Buddy! Skipperrrrrrrrrrrr!

    Grizzly Adams...barely remember that one

    The Dukes of Hazard...check! Ooooooooo Daisy! Oh them Dukes, them Dukes!

    Emergency...barely remember that one

    CHiPS...check! Ah ya, Ponch and John!

    You forgot The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family.

  4. Look at you, Joe! You remembered quotes and everything! Brings a smile to my face. :)

    How could I forget The Brady Bunch!! We didn't get The Partridge Family though... saw a few times at Grandma's but we didn't watch regularly.

  5. I grew up watching the same shows. :) Your kids are adorable. What a great opportunity for them to experience a simpler time.

    Thanks for stopping by to visit.

  6. The Jetsons and Brady Bunch--I just posted about Gilligan today!

    We also loved Looney Tunes but mom thought they were too violent and wouldn't let us see them :) We sneaked 'em in on the side.

  7. Great shows- the remake movies have all been made by people who didn't understand the TV shows it seems.
    You've probably said before, but where do you do you do the homestead family?

  8. Jeff ~
    I have not actually revealed here where we volunteer. I guess I am a little nervous and thereby try to be vague in regards to names & locations.
    Shoot me an email and I'll let ya know. :)

    bud underscore eva at hotmail dot com

  9. Again, may I tell you how jealous Dad2Amara would be if he knew your entire family as involved with your living history interpretation?!?! :)


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