Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Please Stay Squishy

Sunday night, as DH and I lay in bed chatting about the weekend, he gave me a little squeeze and asked if I was going to get a hard body with all the exercising I'm now doing. "Because you are lifting weights now like Olympians, you're not gonna get hard, are you? I like you toned and in shape but I also like you soft and squishy." I couldn't help but chuckle...cutest thing to say (at least I thought so).

On Monday, I took the kids to the pool for a little parent-toddler swim. My little buddy discovered the joy of jumping into the water from the side of the pool. He also enjoys holding onto the side of the pool and leaning his head back to completely submerge his head. When the water hits his eyes, he lifts his head and giggles. If only I could get him to kick a little more frequently now as he hold my hands. The princess is off practicing her swim moves... she considers herself an 'expert' now. :)

After our playtime, I took the kiddos to the playroom/childcare center and I jumped in with Masters (15 minutes later than I normally do - playing with the kids was just too much fun today).

Mondays workout was one of my favorites... MEDLEY! However, I can't do the butterfly, so I always sub freestyle. :)
Warm-up: 400m freestyle (25m pool), 4th length feet first
Sprints: 3 sets of 4x25m medley
Drill: 200m, 4x75m medley, 200m (should've done another 4x75 but I ran out of time as the childcare closes at 1pm)
Total = 1400 meters

I met with a personal trainer last week and he asked that I run 12 laps on a track so he could get an idea of my speed, lactate threshold, etc. As the loop in front of our house is .32 mile... I elected to run 10 loops there instead while the kids played at a neighbors. :)

I did a short warm-up (and a short cool-down after)... I am elated over my time. 3.2 miles (just .1 farther than a 5K) and I clocked 23.02 !! Sweet! I wonder how fast I could've done it with other competitors and spectators cheering me on?

I meet with the PT again tomorrow - I'll let you know what he has to say.

BTW ~ because I was planning to push myself during the 5K today - I didn't want to be sore, so I opted not to do the CrossFit workout on Monday. I might do one tonight, though?!


  1. Just tell hubby you are going to be squishy in all the right places, and not to worry :-) Holy smokes you are fast!! Nice run!!!!

  2. I agree with Wes- holy smokes you're fast. In a race you could be close to 20-21!!

  3. I'm dying to actually race now. When I told DH tonight, he said, "Are you sure you did 10 laps?" Perhaps I miscounted. I was all by myself... but I'm confident I was accurate. There is a 5K/10K on May 5th... can't wait!

  4. Squishy...that's sweet :) My girlfriend wants me to do my first 5K this summer. So you keep racing away, my dear! You're getting me to hit the streets!

    PS, thanks for the kind words on your post. Now you let all of know what the PT says...

  5. > However, I can't do the butterfly,
    > so I always sub freestyle. :)

    Have you tried doing single-arm butterfly? It's a lot easier to learn than regular butterfly.

    > 3.2 miles and I clocked 23.02 !! Sweet!

    Wow! That IS sweet.


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