Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Frustrations of Traveling & Training

The family and I spent a few days at the Running Y Resort near Klamath Falls this weekend. We actually departed on Thursday afternoon and returned yesterday about 2 p.m. I had googled the resort before we departed and was impressed that they had a running trail, a fitness room (with a treadmill, elliptical and numerous weight machines), and a pool (one for the kiddos, too!). Unfortunately, what they lacked was onsite childcare and jogging strollers. Because DH was occupied with meetings all day and their stringent rules didn't allow children in the fitness room - I was unable to do much of anything.

I was very, very sore on Thursday after my first CrossFit workout (the long drive certainly didn't help), so I tried to loosen up by chasing the kiddos up/down the hallway and the 3 floors of stairs for about 20 minutes. It helped a little but certainly wasn't much of a workout.

It is becoming clear that we may wish to actually bring a babysitter along when we travel in the future. Unfortunately, the sitters we use regularly are students and thereby would not be able to accompany us during the school year. Hmm. Stuff to ponder/contemplate for the future.

Today, I was finally able to get out the door and run. The weather was great, sunny and approx.58 degrees. I elected to go for 8 miles at a faster pace than I generally run my long runs. I finished the 2 loops in 1:10.54... an average of 8.51. Not bad.

My original plan was to do CrossFit workouts on my Easy/NonRunning days (as suggested by Lillie). However, I think I'll modify today's WOD and go for it this evening after dinner.


Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters *
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit-ups *

* I'm going to substitute the 800 meter run with 50 Wall Push-ups (until my wrist is stronger, I can't yet do a 'standard' push-up & I already ran 8 miles today) and I'll have to do Crunches rather than Sit-ups - my abs aren't that strong yet.

Edited after completing the modified WOD:
I wasn't certain how I was going to do the back extensions - I don't exactly have much equipment here at home. I googled 'back extensions, home equipment' and came up with a temporary solution. I used my exercise ball and my kiddos. I laid across the ball with the ball as far under my thighs/hip as I could. I then had the kiddos sit on my feet and calves. Unfortunately, as they moved around, I'd lose balance and tip over. Too bad I didn't videotape this as I'm sure it would have been quite humorous. For the last round, I asked DH to hold my ankles. That worked a lot better. The goal for today's WOD was 3 rounds for time - I completed the WOD in 25.35. Slow. Those back extensions were tough.

Oh - I didn't do the warm-up... I just jumped in... After things were picked up following dinner, I didn't have much time before the kiddos' bedtime. I always read them a story and I didn't want to prolong their bedtime. :)


  1. Keep up that program and your abs will be strong soon!
    I've heard good things about the golf course at the Running y. You'd think a major resort would be able to do something for you.

  2. A number of the other conference attendees did golf and had great things to say... DH wasn't in the mood, however, and as his buddy had a flight to catch that afternoon and wouldn't be golfing, DH elected to head home. It was a beautiful course. I'd like to go back in the summer, but better prepared w/ a sitter or jogger. :)

  3. I luv how fast your run :-) Too bad the kiddos cramped your style at the resort. They have a way of doing that, but they come first. Always!! Take care of that wrist!! You'll be crankin out those exercises in no time!!

  4. > I finished the 2 loops in 1:10.54...
    > an average of 8.51. Not bad.

    Not bad indeed!

  5. Hey - came across your blog on Joe's site - I love 'Starfish & Coffee' - Matt Nathanson sings a great version that I have on my playlist - so I had to see what your blog was all about.

    An actual running resort? What a cool concept. Bummer they didn't have more for kids. Your back extensions with the kids sounds truly entertaining.

  6. Makita,

    > I have to ask - do you feel sore
    > after every run?
    > I'm beginning to feel that I
    > don't run hard enough...
    > I'm seldom sore after running.

    I'm quite sore after every long run and every hard run (intervals, hills, etc). Usually, I'm not sore after a short 5K mid-week recovery run.

    As for swimming, I used to be sore after every practice but now I'm only sore after really hard ones. Perhaps I need to work harder at swim practice.

  7. ouch! sittups and back extensions! looks like you have a great work out plan. it will make you stronger. great job.

  8. I do back extensions on the ball too - sans the kids. I just brace my bare feet on the wall behind me. Checked out the CrossFit site. Thanks for the link!

  9. The Running Y Resort is a standard 'golf' oriented resort with conference rooms, on-site restaurants, etc. It is NOT a "running" resort - I don't know why they chose to call it that... ??? Sorry for the confusion. :)

  10. You're doing great already! For back extensions at home I also have someone hold my ankles. Sometimes we have to improvise, but it works! I'm so excited for you. You will see lots of changes with your body, strength and running. :)


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