Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I've Missed Running

I have so missed being able to run... especially outdoors... the treadmill isn't that exciting. Still, I would love to have one. Sometimes in the evening, I get the urge to do an easy run but it's too dark to safely go outside (DH won't allow me to run at night anyway) .... and more than anything, it would be more efficient to run an easy 3-4 while watching TV rather than just laying on the couch and getting the urge to nibble on junk.

Today's plan was speedwork: 2x(6x400m) w/ 1:30 RI between 400s and 2:30 RI between sets. I neglected to look at my FIRST plan before I left for the fitness center so I wasn't certain what my pace for each 400 was supposed to be. I elected to go with 1:50.

I warmed up for 15 min at an easy, comfortable pace... covering 1.2 miles. I then switched the treadmill program to "Track Workout". It was not easy to figure out the exact timing or pace for each 400. Next time, I'll bring my watch. But essentially, I had the pace set at 8.2 and would attempt to calculate what time the clock should show when I completed the lap. Unfortunately, the clock was counting DOWN and as I increased or decreased the speed/pace between laps, the time wouldn't show so I was oblivious for a brief time. I think it was relatively close anyway.

As I started the 2nd set, I knew it would be difficult to do all 6. I was tired and my heart rate had registered about 166 a few times (cool thing about the machines is the heart rate monitor... I don't have one). I therefore elected to do just 3. I then did a 10 min cool down. All total I did just over 5 miles today. I stretched well after and then picked up the kiddos. When we got home, I checked my plan as I recorded the run in my logbook and discovered I should've been doing those 400s at 2:04. Oops! :) Knowing that, I probably could've done all 6. Oh well.

I plan to run just one mile tomorrow to see how fast I can do it. Then I'll cycle for an hour and do some weight training. Thurs I'll do my Tempo run. Fri I'll cycle and do more weights. Sat or Sun - I hope to do a long run (9-12 miles) but I'm concerned DH will be too worried to let me go outside. It will largely depend on the weather, I'm sure. :)


  1. Nice to see you are back to running! I don't know about you, but I would take the outside over the treadmill anyday. It is tough to do speed work on the treadmill. The best thing is to calculate your speeds before hand, but then again, if you got a good workout, it don't matter.

  2. I hate running on treadmills, and intervals are a pain in the neck. I usually find that it will show my pace after I change speed (for all of 2 seconds) and then I can do the mental arithmetic.

    Good luck with the mile tomorrow.

  3. Good to see you back training again. That's a pretty intense speedwork workout! BTW, how's the wrist? It was the wrist that you broke, wasn't it?

  4. Yep - it was the wrist. It is doing very well... if all looks as good as it did a week ago during my checkup, I hope to have the cast off in 2 weeks. Then I can get back in the pool. :)

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