Wednesday, February 28, 2007

How Fast ....

... can I run one mile ??

I have been wanting to know this for some time... thought today a good day to give it a go. Did a 10 min warmup at about 10 min pace. Then went right into the timed mile. I finished in 7:19. I am very pleased... but still wonder if I can't go faster. A new goal. :) I then did a 10 min cool down, again at about 10 min pace... so in the end, I covered 3 miles.

Following my short speedwork, I did a little weight lifting (same set as before) and abdominal work (decided to forgo the cycling). I felt the abdominal work I did on Mon the following day... therefore I know my efforts are working... best to keep at it. I'll only get faster if I work my core as well. :)


  1. Very nice!

    Sounds like a great mile. I'm always tempted to join the local running club when they do their timed miles each month - but the schedule hasn't worked so far. Maybe next month.

  2. That's a pretty fast mile! Do you think you can break 7 minutes in the near future?

  3. I've been saying this (mostly muttering it to myself), but now I have to say it out loud: You will kick my rear in the upcoming Eugene Half. Actually you will leave me in the dust.

    Sob, sob, sob,

    PS: Awesome mile, BTW


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