Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tears on My Pillow, Pain in My Heart

Dr. informs me I've crushed a bone in my wrist. It could collapse very easily and would then require surgery.

No running. No aerobics. No cycling. Not even on a treadmill. Brisk walking ok in a week or so. Recumbant bike ok.

I go back in one week for more xrays... to check my progress. Likely 6-8 weeks before the cast is removed. That puts me into mid-March. Just 6 weeks prior to the marathon.

I'm officially depressed. Maybe I can do the half?


  1. Oh nooooooo......no, no, no! I'm so sorry!!!! I guess we'll be crippled together and then come back and kick some booty in Portland in October!!!! Hang in there and try to stay positive.

  2. Oh, Makita. :( I'm so sorry. :((( I am so very sorry. I know it's going to be hard, but please take care of yourself and don't overdo it.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your mishap. As the veteran of many broken bones I can really sympathize. My youngest sister in Maui fell on a couple steps carrying her laundry and broke her leg in 3 places right before Christmas. Looks like family tendencies make a really good case for remembering to take my calcium. I hope you recover quickly and don't miss too many marathons.
    Lynne & Butch

  4. I'm so sorry to
    hear that. I know how frustrating that must be when you are training for a marathon. I hope it heals quickly for you! Please let me know if I can help you out in any way.

    Take care!!

    Beth :)

  5. As a running novice (I don't even know if what I do even constitutes as running!), I have really no words of wisdom for you -- but my heart aches reading your post. I'm so sorry your wrist injury is even more serious than you had hoped. Take care of yourself!!

  6. Well, what an unfortunate thing to happen!

    Just wishing you happy healing!!!


  7. Hellooooo?

    Yikes--sorry to hear about your tumble. I guess this is the price we professional athletes pay to pursue the activities we love. Oh, wait, I retired from basketball a few years ago so guess it is just YOU that are the athlete! Hope you have a good recovery.

    In sunnier updates, B! is actually interested in a Hawaii update! Can you believe it ? The timing is Thanksgiving 2008. Yes, LONG time away and VERY preliminary. The reason? The 2008 Maui Invitational basketball tournament, played the days before Thanksgiving, will feature his U of O Ducks....and will also feature my long time favorite bask school North Carolina. I have always wanted to see them play live. Game tix go on sale Feb 2008, so for now it's just lots of 'talk and planning'...but isnt that the best part anyways?

    1. Umm, so you and B! are planning a trip all the way to Hawaii just to watch people play bask indoors?
    Answer: Yes.

    (But there will be plenty of time for other activities too. I'm thinking of calling it "B! and Bef's BASK in Paradise getaway".
    Get it--BASK ?!? ha-hah. well thought maybe a bad joke would help your recovery!


  8. That stinks! I think you can definitely do the 1/2 though as long as you don't put any pressure on yourself re. time. Good luck!

  9. My name is Robert Key and I am a runner from Houston, Texas. I saw your blog listed when I was looking through the RBF directory and very much enjoyed reading some of your entries. Do not be discouraged by the wrist. As a veteran of 15 marathons and nearly 100 other races, I can tell you we all run with pain at some point or another. The half is a good alternative, and I've switched to the half before when I had a severe injury.

    I have a web site at http://www.faithfulsoles.com that is inspirational stories for walkers, runners and athletes of all ages and abilities. If you go there, read the story called "The Greatest Marathoner" that is under the "Message from Robert..." section in the top right. I promise you it will inspire you immensely with your injury or any other aches and pains you may have in the future.

    I do have a favor to ask. A new feature I have recently added to the site is a categorized and searchable Running Blog Database where members of my site can find a blog of interest to them based on other walkers, runners or athletes of similar abilities, goals and interests. To my knowledge it is the only one of its kind specifically for walkers and runners on the internet. I would appreciate it if you would take a moment to put a link to your blog in our Running Blog Database. Just click on "Link your running blog" under "Free Features" from the home page. If you want to learn more about my running background, just click on "Meet Robert" from the main menu , or to learn more about my involvement in the running community, click on "Faithful Soles in the news" in the left column under "Weekly Features". I also have a blog that I just started at http://faithfulsoles.blogspot.com, but most of my running information is on my web site. Also, if there is anyone else in your blogger network that you think would be interested in listing their blog, please feel free to pass this information along to them. Thanks and continued good luck in your training.

  10. I'm sorry to hear about your wrist. The good news is there will be plenty of more marathons. There is only one of you. Take everything the doctor will let ya do, and hang in there. Tomorrow is another race!!


  11. Bummer! That is such a huge bummer. Sorry to hear about it.

    Doesn’t it just figure…dang!

    Hope your recovery goes smoothly and well with no set backs and that you are able to do at least the half version. That’s cool about your daughter, too. How great that she loves to run already. :)

    Hope the rest of your week goes better and the next several weeks, too- especially since your activity will be limited.

    Take care.


    Matt, Katie and Ty


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