Monday, January 29, 2007

Crash & Burn

Well... the past couple of weeks have been a mixture of joys & sorrows.

Starting off the week of the 15th, we took turns being sick with some sort of stomach flu... causing me to miss several workouts/runs. My running log for that week:

MON - DS sick, couldn't swim or run
TUE - 8 miles (2 easy, 4 @ 8.20 pace, 2 easy)... the 4 were clocked at 9.09 / 8.58 / 8.43 / 9.05... slower than desired
WED - 2350m swimming (600m warm, 250m w/fins; 3x[50, 100, 150, 200])
THR - DD sick, couldn't run
FRI - 9 miles (easy run @ ~9 min mile pace)
SAT - off, lazy
SUN - 6 miles easy w/family, felt yucky myself, belly rumbly like jello
Weekly Mileage = 29 (should've been +40)

The week of the 22nd started off great. I had some spectacular runs & I felt strong. That is, until Sunday.

MON - 2100 m swimming (700m warm, 200m w/fins; 6x200m [evens 4x50m 10 sec RI; odds 200m] 30 sec RI after set)
TUE - ~4 miles (1 easy, 4x800 @ 3.45, 1 easy)... my 4 800s were 3.28 / 3.46 / 3.34 / 3.47 ... right on!
WED - 1850 m swimming (500m warm, 4th length feet first; 300m breast warm; 3x[150m frees, 5x50m back,breast,free])
THR - easy 4 miles in a.m.; 1 hour aerobics in evening
FRI - off, little sore from aerobics (shoulders,butt)
SAT - 7 miles (1 easy, 5 @ 8.25 pace, 1 easy)... splits were 7.42 / 8.26 / 8.24 / 7.59 / 7.50 ... AWESOME!!
SUN - 4.5 miles approx. (15 mile plan cut short)
Weekly mileage = 29.5 (should've been +44)

Patty invited me to join her & a group of women on Phil's Trail for a trail run. DH stayed home with the kids and I was elated to get out on my own (i.e. sans stroller) and meet others who share my passion. My plan today called for 15 miles. I therefore intended to do the 7 with girls and then take the kids out with the stroller when I got home (DH planned to go fly airplanes).

From the trail head, it did not appear as though snow or ice would be an issue... the past few days, temps were in the 50s so no one even thought about bringing Yak Trax. The first 2 miles or so were great... bare dirt. This started to change soon thereafter and we began to encounter patches of snow & ice. We were all slipping here and there. About the 5th mile, we started to head back towards the trail head and the trail progressed downslope.

Things were looking up, we were all being careful... even walking in sections or trompling the sagebrush. Lauren, who was running behind me, miraculously caught herself from falling during a complete banana slip. She was just starting to presume the conversation we had going when my feet went out from under me. I tried desperately not fall. I didn't want another injury like I had sustained in Sept. Despite my effort, I did fall. I landed with nearly all my weight on my left wrist.

I sat there on the trail for several minutes. I could barely move my fingers without pain searing up my arm. The others helped me up and fashioned a sling for my arm. We then proceeded to walk the rest of the way. It was about 18 degrees so it was decided that Jenn would stay with me as the others ran ahead. Someone would come back with extra layers for us.

We seemed to walk forever. Jenn allowed me to blab on about my marathon hopes, my teaching experience, my husband & kids... anything to keep my mind off the pain. We walked at a brisk pace when the trail allowed but frequently had to slow and step very carefully to avoid falling again.

The guys (2 significant others who had set out ahead of us girls) met us about a mile from the trail head with another coat and a blanket. Patty drove me to the hospital where DH & the kids met me.

When the nurse helped me to remove my coat as I was checking in, it was evident that my wrist was broken. Xray not required. Too bad I didnt hasve my camera as it was quite funky.

The ER physician consulted with the on-call orthopedic and determined they would need to pull on my fingers (primarily my thumb) to realign the bones properly. As this would undoubtedly cause severe pain, they gave me Morphine & Versed to consciously sedate me). After the Dr. requested 2 ml of Versed, I don't remember a thing until we were preparing to depart. Drugs are amazing!

So, here I sit... trying to type with just one hand... making a tremendous number of typos so it is taking forever to type this out.

I see an orthopedic tomorrow afternoon. I'll know more then. I can already tell you, however, that this is really going to humble me. I've always been so independent. I hate being waited upon. I am very depressed. I hope I can still train. Swimming is out. Pushing the stroller is out. Running in snow/ice is out. Cycling not an option. Anyone have a treadmill they can lend me???


  1. When I first starting reading your post, I didn't expect it to end with a broken wrist story. OMG, I'm so sorry for you! At least it's not a broken ankle so you can probably still run. And when your wrist heals, swimming will be excellent rehab for that wrist. Take care of yourself.

    BTW, those ER room drugs ARE fantastic aren't they? I love Demerol (spelling?).

  2. Oh yikes! I'm glad you're okay and agree with least it wasn't your ankle! Hope you can get out on your own on dry days for a run still...

  3. Oh yikes! I am so sorry! I hope it heals quickly and surgery isn't required.

  4. Oh dear! I'm so sorry to read about your slip! My wishes for you are good drugs and a dry, warm spell in your area!

  5. OMG That totally sucks! I am so sorry that happened to you. Please email me and tell me how you are doing. Are you still in pain, or did they give you some of the good drugs to take home? I am filing this on my list under "why you should not run unless something is chasing you". I help you feel much better soon. Do you want me to buy some bubble wrap in bulk so we can wrap you up in it?

    Thinking of you,

  6. Sorry to hear about the fall. Hope it all heals well and you just have to take a short break. Let us know if you need anything!


  7. Thank you all for the well wishes.

    Lilli - You totally had me LOL. I'm actually surprised you don't already have bubble wrap in bulk?! :)

    B! - I didn't know you read my blog... so cool that you stopped by & left a comment. Thank you.


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