Thursday, March 10, 2011

Marathon Training Plan 2011

Enough is enough.  I have been skipping swim workouts left and right.  I've been sleeping in on the weekends rather than taking advantage of the opportunity to get outdoors for a long run .. alone!  I need motivation.  I've thereby set my eyes the Portland and Tri-Cities Marathons in October.  A few smaller races to prepare me for my ultimate goal ... a Boston qualifying time.

My training plan, shown above, will get me through Portland.  I'm not sure yet what the workouts should look like the few weeks following .. in preparation for Tri-Cities.  I've never done back-to-back marathons before so I'll need to do some research.  I hoping one of you all ... perhaps Michelle?  or Tracy? ... can give me some input.

Life is hectic until the end of May ... so this plan should work perfectly.  Between now and then .. I just need to focus on getting my feet under me again.  Resuming a regular workout regime .. and desist skipping them!

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  1. ugh! looks too much like work! What I have found when I have back to back races like that is to take advantage of your fitness. Give your body a week to rest. Then hit a medium week, then if you have time, one big week before tapering again. Honestly, after you feel after your first marathon will kind of lay the ground work for what you need to do between races. You'll know.


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