Monday, January 20, 2014

Running for Cupcakes

Just over a year ago, I posted about my intentions for 2013, particularly to participate in the California Half Marathon series.  My goal was to resume training and to thereby run 4 half marathons.  Well, needless to say.  It didn't happen.  I continued to run erratically and took part in only one race - the Moonshine Trail Race - which was brutal! Sadly, I didn't blog about it then - I may have to write a reflective post someday.

As 2014 approached, I reflected upon my failed effort to run 4 halves and I began to reevaluate my goals for the new year.  I really, really miss running.  I miss the strength it provided my spirit and body.  I miss how connected I feel to the earth when running.  Anyway ...

Since we moved to Northern California, the Redding Marathon has intrigued me.  I knew I wasn't ready for the full this year but I thought perhaps the relay would be the ticket to rediscovering my love of running and thereby making running a priority in my life.  

I recruited two other runners, both of whom backed out (one the day after I registered our team and the other just 3 weeks prior to the race).  Fortunately, a former student whom I hadn't seen since she was in 4th grade answered by plea for help on Facebook and volunteered.  Proudly, my daughter stepped up to run the final leg.  

While training and helping my daughter to up her mileage prior to race day - I rediscovered my running mojo.  I had such fun training with her.  

Come race day - the weather was perfect and all three of us had strong runs.  I even managed to maintain a 9:03 pace for my entire leg (9+ miles).  I was pleased with my effort and so very proud of my daughter who was laughing and smiling when we saw her midway and again at the finish.  She looked so strong and was having a blast!

Jessica, my former student, also blogs (We Run for Cupcakes) and she motivated me to continue blogging myself.  "I love reading running blogs," she stated.  I knew she was right.  While I blog regularly for homeschool - my goal there is to inspire and help other homeschool families.  My running blog is for me.  To stay motivated .. I need this outlet.  

One of the best things about race day was reconnecting with not one former student, but two!  Jessica had flown to San Francisco and then drove up the morning of the race with a friend of hers, Steven, who to my surprise, was another former student.  He ran cross country all through high school and college and while we were running the relay, he put in 14 miles of his own!  Impressive.  

I had a great time catching up with them both and loved talking about running.  It reinvigorated me.   To our surprise and delight, Jessica presented us with cupcakes at the finish.  Love!!  I will be running for cupcakes forever more.  

Thursday, December 13, 2012

California Half Marathon Series

It has been a very long time since I have been active on this blog.  My training has been erratic and I just haven't felt the inspiration, desire, or need to blog here.  I really miss it though and strongly feel that blogging about my training or lack thereof correlates strongly to how committed I am to actually working out.  Like anything, if I am public about my goals and intents, I am much more likely to actually see it through and thereby succeed.

One of the stumbling blocks I have encountered the past couple of years is that now that my children are older, it is not as easy to get outside for a run and like most, the treadmill is monotonous and I view it as a necessary evil to assure my training stays on course on days of inclement weather or when necessary to squeeze in a quickie.  However, I much prefer to run outside ... on a trail preferably ... particularly for long runs (in other words, anything longer than an hour).

Since my last race (Eugene Half Marathon in May of 2012), my brother and I have batted around the idea of running Eugene again - together - in 2013.  Sadly, circumstances have come up ... the stars have NOT aligned ... and we will not be able to do so.  We both have conflicts and he isn't even sure he can go the distance as his knees have been troubling him.  Thus, we won't make plans to run one together until he finishes a half independently (Eugene 2013 would have been his first).  I'll keep hoping that we can someday run a race together again - we ran cross country in high school together - so it would be very memorable.

In the mean time, I have been trying to find motivation to keep myself focused on training.  It is sooooo very easy to talk myself out of a workout when I have no carrot or race in front of me to keep me honest. As we are new to California, there are numerous races throughout the state that appeal to me.  When I stumbled upon the California Half and Full Marathon Series ... I knew immediately that this was the challenge I needed.

There are in fact three distinct challenges to choose from:

4 Race Challenge  ::  Run any combination of half or full marathons on the series in the North or South Region to qualify for the series finishers medal. (Need 3 races or 3 points minimum).  Complete the series and receive a very special award by earning a 4th point at a final medal qualifying race.  
7 Race Challenge  ::  Run seven or more races on the series and receive a very special reward…You will be glad you did.  Runners running this challenge will receive the medal as well.
Top Points Challenge  ::  At the end of the year, we add the points up and see who has the most. Winners get a nice award for this.   Male and Female Open and Masters 3 deep for the State. (12 awards total).
I doubt I'll be in contention for Top Points but I am definitely aiming for the 7 Race Challenge.  Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Am a Swimmer.

I found this very motivational.  

I participated in the 1-hour Postal swim earlier this year. 
I look forward to re-discovering my athletic self this year.  

Monday, November 21, 2011

Enough Excuses

It's been over a year since I last posted about an actual run that I logged.  It has always been a dream of mine to someday run Boston ... that is never going to happen if I don't resume logging the miles and doing the work.  I keep making excuses.  I have become lazy.

When we moved to NorCal ... one of the thoughts that crossed my mind was, "Sweet! I won't have to buy a new cocktail or party dress because I can simply wear my old ones and no one will know." I'm not a shopper ... I spend more money on books and curriculum materials than I do on the latest fashions.  When I was avidly running, race fees were also a top contender.  But most girls and the guys who love them know that every year around November, a girl needs a new party dress ... sometimes 2 or 3 ... as was my case (hospital administration/board party, auxiliary/guild fundraiser, chamber dinner, etc.).

Another thought was, "I should be able to get into pretty good shape. I won't know anyone and won't have social obligations or other fun outings with friends to sway me from working out.  What else would I do?"  Yeah ... right!

So ... the first holiday party is now behind me and it was a kick in the face for me ... or perhaps, more apropos ...  a kick in the gut.  I didn't shop for a party dress.  I didn't even try on the dresses that were hanging in my closet until Saturday morning ... the morning of the fundraiser.  Little did I know that I wouldn't be able to zip it !!

I wallowed in self pity.  I made more excuses.  Then this morning, though I awoke with a mild head cold - the first of the season no doubt - I made a decision.

I HAVE registered for the Eugene Marathon.  
I WILL begin training NOW.  

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mind over Matter :: Norseman 2010

On my bucket list is to complete an triathlon ... the Norwegian in me says it should be this one.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

My brothers and our father

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Marathon Training Plan 2011

Enough is enough.  I have been skipping swim workouts left and right.  I've been sleeping in on the weekends rather than taking advantage of the opportunity to get outdoors for a long run .. alone!  I need motivation.  I've thereby set my eyes the Portland and Tri-Cities Marathons in October.  A few smaller races to prepare me for my ultimate goal ... a Boston qualifying time.

My training plan, shown above, will get me through Portland.  I'm not sure yet what the workouts should look like the few weeks following .. in preparation for Tri-Cities.  I've never done back-to-back marathons before so I'll need to do some research.  I hoping one of you all ... perhaps Michelle?  or Tracy? ... can give me some input.

Life is hectic until the end of May ... so this plan should work perfectly.  Between now and then .. I just need to focus on getting my feet under me again.  Resuming a regular workout regime .. and desist skipping them!