Thursday, July 1, 2010

3 Things Thursday :: 3rd Edition

Health & Training :: The kiddos and I have began a new weekly tradition ... every Thursday morning, they lace up their shoes, clip on their bike helmet and accompany me on their bikes as I run an easy 3-8 mile loop through the neighborhood.  Just two weeks ago, a delightful little neighborhood grocery store opened ... they have a wonderful bakery ... so we stop there at the end of the run for donuts, muffins and chocolate milk (my favorite recovery drink)!  Best of all, it is locally owned but friends of ours - their prices are competitively priced and they go the extra mile! 

Today was the first day so we did just 3 miles ... I was completely barefoot!  Loving the freedom!

Heart & Home :: I'm looking forward to a long holiday weekend with friends and family.  

Education / Well-Trained Mind ::  The kiddos have been really motivated to work lately.  Even though it is summer, we are seemingly getting more work accomplished than we did during the school year.  I think much is due to the fact that Buddy is a little older.  We have been taking part in a co-op with the girls next door ... Exploring Our World :: Africa.  We've also begun meeting more regularly with our Roots & Shoots club to do nature studies.

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  1. I would do 3 miles for donuts, muffins, and chocolate milk too :-)


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