Monday, February 1, 2010

Peace Like a River :: Book Sharing Monday

Peace like a River
by Leif Enger

Summary :: Set in a quiet 1960s Minnesota community, this magical debut novel centers around 11-year-old asthmatic Reuben Land and his family: his father, his brother, and his precocious younger sister. Life turns upside down when Davy, Reuben's older brother, kills two intruders who plan to harm the family. After Davy breaks out of jail, the Lands leave their home and set out to find him.

Review :: I absolutely loved this book! The story is told in first-person from Reuben's perspective and periodically, he personally addresses the reader - which I found to be an unique literary tool. Sprinkled throughout the story is also a western-stylized poem written by Swede, their sister. It is evident that the fictional character, Sundance, is based upon Davy and the trials he undergoes.

OTN :: Though last week started out well, circumstances (overnight travel, illness, and family issues and subsequent stress and loss of sleep) threw my training plan off once again. Hopefully, I can pick up the pieces this week.

OSN :: 2050m (500m warmup; 8 x 25m breaststroke drill; 2 x [250m, 150m, 50m descending]; 3 x 150m steady)

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  1. I loooooooved this book - I borrowed it off a friend a few years ago, and promptly started giving copies as presents. It's a really masterful novel!

    Nice review,
    Rosie of BooksAndBakes


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