Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's July 23rd...

and for no better reason, I'm jumping back into marathon training. No more beating around the bush. No more excuses. I've been 'off the wagon' for nearly a year (the last time I was training was in August for the Circle the Bay 30K - it was then that my right heal flared up and I've been struggling to overcome it ever since).

Seeing an acupuncturist has really helped with my heal. Though it will still flare up in the evening and the morning following a run, I can actually put weight on it. I can walk normally. The pain is significantly different. I'll post more on this later but I am beginning to question whether my injury is truly Plantars Faciitis or perhaps something entirely different.

I've continued to swim regularly (generally twice a week) and I have hit the pavement or trail for an occasional run. I even saw a trainer twice. I just haven't stuck with it. I haven't even logged those runs or workout times - which was something I did methodically before. I'm sure you may have noticed this as I've been neglecting my blog, posting only on occasion. When I do post - it has had nothing to do with training.

Where have I been? Comparing the me 'then' with the me 'now' and you could say I have become lazy. It hasn't helped that the kids, as they've gotten older, have also gotten more involved in activities of their own. I spend much of my time juggling their adventures and I have found it increasingly difficult to squeeze out a little 'mommy' time.

Well this has got to stop. As of today, July 23rd, I resume marathon training. I state this here so that you all can help to keep me accountable. My base is shot so I am essentially starting over. To avoid injury, I vow not to go too far too soon. I will focus upon Eugene 2010! That gives me 10 months to rebuild and prepare properly. To become re-accustomed to training daily.

From here forth...
  • I will meet with my trainer 1x week for core conditioning and strength training
  • I will do abdominal work daily for at least 15 minutes
  • I will swim 2-3x week
  • I will run 2-3x week until I build a solid base --> thereafter I will run 4-5x week
  • I will keep a food journal
  • I will drink more water
  • I will stretch better - stretches recommended for me that target the soleus muscle and other sensitive areas

OTN: 1 hr strength/core training with Kyle - kicked my butt


  1. Marathon training? Yay! Jump back in feet first!!! literally :-) But lets not hurt ourselves. k?

  2. I would love to keep you accountable because you cheered me on as I trained for my first half! :)

    I don't think I want to jump towards a full marathon...yet. But I am vowing to also food journal and do ab work more regularly. It's you and me, girl!

  3. Good for you! I think it's great that you are planning for something a little further out. Good luck! I just did the Pac. Crest 1/2 (walking) and I'm addicted again!


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