Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So Hard to Get On Track Again

It has been a long time since I was following a training plan of any sort - nearly 10 months! It is thereby very difficult, even though I am still working out semi-regularly (2-3 days a week) to get on track again. I've gotten involved in several other venues that take a lot of my focus - specifically writing a science curriculum for homeschoolers, Science Logic.

May started off strongly - two swims and a strength training session with a trainer each week. Then last week, I stayed a few days with my family in the valley and I did nothing more than shop, visit and eat... I swear I gained nearly 6 pounds!

This week, I vow to get back on the wagon. To begin training in earnest. For zest and variety, though, I will be using a tri plan - even though I have not yet committed to any particular race or venue.

My first swim of the week was a doozy. Long course (Olympic distance 50m pool)! Which at first glance is a little intimidating but once I get going, I think I prefer it to the short 25m pool length. After an 850m warm-up (350m w/ fins) and a drill set of 6 x 50m breaststroke, the main set was two rounds of : 300m / 200m / 100m progressively faster.

I tried to keep track of my splits but without a waterproof Garmin (which would enable me to simply hit 'Lap' and then pull the data up later) it was difficult to keep all the numbers in my head. The first 300 was completed in 6:08. It felt like a good pace. However, I wasn't able to knock of 5 seconds per 100 on the 200... which I completed in 4:06. I nailed the 100 at 1:43.

Based on my first 100 - the 200 should have been swam in about 3:36. The 300 in about 5:39. Alternatively, using the initial 300 as the baseline, I should have swam the 200 in 3:56. The 100 in 1:53. Let's just say I suck at pacing in the water. The second round was worse. 6:42. 4:?? and 1:56. Obviously fatigue and a week of gluttony reared its ugly head. Grand total = 2350m


  1. I was thinking of you and wanted to check in. I am so happy you are writing the science curriculum. I know you are going to be successful with that. I can't imagine a better person to take that on. You are awesome!!!

  2. I suck at pacing in the water

    You and me both, sista! and this is NOT a good thing at the start of a triathlon!!


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