Thursday, February 5, 2009

Yuck and Intrigue

I feel completely crummy today. Due to a headache, cough and queezy tummy, we opted to stay at home today - thereby canceling my usual Thursday swim, Sweetie's Mandarin class and Taekwondo [I hate missing activities I've paid for!]. I spent most of the day curled up with a book (I finished!) and trying to avoid anything more physical than typing. Of course, those with young children know how nearly impossible that feat can be.

I did want to share a little news, however. I was recently appointed the title of Sports & Recreation Director for our local Sons of Norway lodge. I am both delighted and a little overwhelmed. I hardly know the other members - we've been going regularly for only a few months.
Yet they assured me that I am qualified and that my youth (hee hee) and enthusiasm will go far. They were impressed that my kiddos and I have earned several sports medallions (Buddy - bronze; Sweetie - all 4: bronze, silver, gold & enamel; and myself - the first 3, enamel will be complete soon). We'll be awarded our pins later this month at the monthly dinner social. I haven't told the kiddos yet - I wanted it to be a surprise. :D

I downloaded the leadership guide earlier today and was encouraged with several ideas for lodge activities / gatherings. I'll need to sit down with the Social Committee and put some things down on paper. Until then, does anyone have ideas or suggestions? I was thinking of coordinating a fun run but I have no clue what legal hoops I may need to jump to do something like that.


  1. Yuk! Hope you feel better, and have fun with the appointment!!

  2. Hope you feeling better now.. I think you'd make an outstanding director


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