Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Who Knew... ?

... I was so posh?

Earlier this week, I participated in a virtual protest regarding the censorship of breastfeeding pictures on Facebook. I didn't expect it to get national media attention. Does Facebook Know Breast?

The CBS Morning show also did a story today on the New Trends in '09 According to their guest, "Twittering is out, Slow Blogging is in." Google the term "slow blogging'' for a number of links elaborating on the subject. A few that caught my attention: Microtrends and Slow Blogging? I haven't been blogging much lately... then again, I haven't been running or training much either. I didn't realize that I was thereby considered a slow blogger. "Slow bloggers take their time, often leaving weeks between posts."

According to Hedengren, "We don’t need a slow blogging movement, we need good content and quality comments." Many of my posts are rather dull to those who don't know me personally. I am actually surprised I have a readership at all. Other slow bloggers have given up on their blogs. As Ahmed explains, "Tired of waiting for new entries, people stopped reading it." I hope I don't lose my readers when my level of blog productivity drops.

To be honest though, I started my blog(s) for me. As a means of documenting my training for my first marathon. As a portfolio of our homeschooling endeavors. I appreciate all my readers (particularly those that leave comments and help to encourage me in my efforts). I am humbled to know that others occasionally find inspiration from my posts. To those of you whom I have met (in person or online) and developed friendships with along the way (you know who you are)... from the bottom of my heart, I thank you! It make my efforts worthwhile.

OSN 12/29: 400m warmup, 8 x 25m breast drill, 350m x 2, 250m x 2, 150m x 2 = 2200m


  1. Awww shucks, and here I was thinking you were a supa speedy blogger with the most exciting content on the web ;-)

    Happy New Year, Makita!!


  2. So I guess I have been a slow blogger lately.

    Happy New Year

  3. Hey E! I can't believe Facebook censored pics of breastfeeding!!! LAME! I use FB and if they don't lift that ban, I'm going to have to stop using it. I can't believe the other types of pictures they allow. Oh, that makes me stew!!!

  4. You are so're friends with me :)

  5. Those were interesting links. I wrestle a lot with how often to post, and how in-depth to be with my writing. I end up being just unpredictable.

    Happy New Year!

  6. I enjoy reading your blog. Does slow blogging go for reading as well as posting. It seems it has been weeks since I visited the blogs I read regularly. (this is where I apologize for not being here as much as I have in the past! :))


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