Friday, December 19, 2008

Hello Snow.

The snowfall has begun. I can't say that I am particularly happy to see it. When we first moved here, I really enjoyed the snow and looked forward to the change of pace that winter would bring. I'm over it now.

I want to run. Between the PF issues with my right heel and the snowfall - it isn't happening often. My base mileage has dropped significantly. Using Coach's conversion (1 swimming mile = 4 running miles)... my 6 miles running + 2 miles swimming = ~14 miles per week. Enough is enough! I'm calling my podiatrist. I need to get back up into the mid 30s to begin training.

I went for a run on Wednesday afternoon (17th) and with the exception of the thermometer, it was very similar to my run along the beach in Maui. The temperature was hovering around 3-4 degrees F and it was windy. The snowfall from the days before was so dry that you could make out the individual snowflakes as they sparkled. It was just like running on sand.

In some areas the snow had been shoveled, in other areas it had not. Even in areas that had, the wind had pushed the berms around and left an uneven surface. I sink/slide/slip so much that my quads began to remind me they are not used to this. I opt to run in the road wherever I can - where the snow has been packed down hard. Fortunately there isn't a lot of traffic.

In the end, I cover 4 miles in just under 40 minutes. 9:57 average pace. I'm getting slower. Or is it the conditions?

Yesterday, I swam with Masters... first time in a week as I had to cancel Monday. There were only a few brave enough to go out in the impending snowstorm. It was such a strange feeling to be swimming while it was snowing so heavily.

600m warm-up
350m with fins
3 rounds of 6x 25m sprint freestyle (3rd round w/fins - fun!)
700m freestyle
2100 meters total

The kiddos and I had left early in the morning as Buddy had an eye appointment. By the time we returned home in the afternoon, there was over a foot of snow accumulated in our driveway. It took well over an hour to shovel it - it was so wet and heavy. Had I run yesterday, I would have been soaked through.

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