Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Born to Run

Look who I met on the trail this afternoon! We both paused briefly and admired one another - at least, I admired him. I suppose he just looked at me with suspicion.
I felt rather sluggish though... the Garmin proved it upon my return. 4.5 miles at an average 9:47 min mile pace. Could've been better. Could've been worse.


  1. Nice encounter!

    A comment on your comment. I never post on things political or religious. I was a little scared putting my thoughts out there today, but...I was bursting inside. I needed to get the words out, to express my feelings. I'm glad you were brave and commented too. Now it's back to our regularly scheduled running posts!

  2. Our paces were almost identical today -- we could have run together! Some days are just slow like that. Accept and move on, right?

  3. We all have our off days. My past 3 runs have all been really, good, slow, but really good. I am just waiting for the bomb to fall! :)

  4. Bucks are so majestic. It is always a treat to see them around here. Mostly, we see a few does.

  5. Leslie - where do you live? I need a running partner! :)

    Michelle - Funny how it is sometimes difficult to share but occasionally we are bursting to do just that!

    Stacy - so true... peculiar how we sometimes get so wrapped up in time/pace - I suppose we should try to focus more on being thankful we can actually get out there and run at all!

    Wes - We see mostly does, as well. When I saw his rack... it took be off guard and I had to pause and admire him.


  6. No, he was probably admiring you too!

    Nice run!

  7. Girl, I freaked out when I encountered a doe. And that's what you found?!!? :)

  8. If you had been running fast, you might not have wanted to stop and enjoy your chance encounter. Some aspects of life are easier to appreciate at a slower pace.

    For the last few years, the deer have been wandering into town. I haven't seen any this year, but when I do, it always brightens my day.


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