Wednesday, October 1, 2008

An Open Letter to My Love

My Dearest Running -

I know we're struggling. We've reached a bumpy patch of road, and we're tripping all over the place just trying to stay up-right. It happens...but usually not this bad, and certainly not to us.

I admit that I haven't been as good to you as I could be, as I should be, or as I need to be. I haven't kept up my promises, and I've fallen back into old habits - dangerous habits. There's not nearly enough stretching. There's rarely any post-run refueling, especially in the desired time span or carb-to-protein ratio. Sadly, there is absolutely no strength training. I'm mortified and disappointed.

It seems like I've totally forsaken you. Yet, you're still there for me. You have to beg me to spend time with you. Plead. Whine. Threaten. When I do spend time with you, my mind is elsewhere. Not focused on you, the way it should be, but drifting off to lesson preparation or household chores that have yet to be done. We're not connecting.

It's so unfair to you because I know how great we are together. I know that if I worked at it just a little harder, we could be amazing. Right now, you're fighting for my affection and attention. While I'm feeling like too little butter spread over too much toast.

Know that you are in my heart and that I am constantly thinking of you. You've been patient so far. Just bear with me a little while longer as I get things worked out. I promise I'll be able to give my complete attention again soon.

Perhaps I can offer some consolation to you with these words: You are my true love, my soul (sole) mate and I will never be able to leave you. If you ever left me, I know that I would never be able to get over you. Ever.

Most affectionately,


ORN: I ran 5 miles today. I felt absolutely great! I went out with all intentions to take it easy and I did just that - I relaxed. I didn't worry about time, distance or pace. I concentrated on enjoying the time to myself. Being alone. Being outdoors. As I got underway, I knew 5 miles was entirely within reach. Average pace 9:04. I am elated. :D


  1. Dang! Makita! You big tease!! I thought I was going to get some juicy stuff for your hubby! LOL... Cold and rainy season is approaching right? Now is a great time to rekindle the romance ;-)

  2. Heart felt post. Sometimes it helps to say that stuff out loud.
    Keep on running!

  3. Love the letter!! Glad to hear your run went well!

  4. Yay for you! You are in an incredibly busy time of life for any one, then, when you add homeschooling to the mix...oh my! Use your runs as your solo time and your release, and hopefully they'll all go as well as today did!

  5. With a note like that, there is no doubt that its for real.. hope you find the place you want to be at with your running!

  6. I've neglected my love as well. I'm going ok with my workouts but running is so an afterthought. So I'm with ya, sista!

    BTW, since I've been without internet for so long, I've been trying to read your blog via my Blackberry. But now that I'm here...I love the new background!


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