Thursday, October 23, 2008

Heavy Breathing is Always Good...

Today has been a great day. I woke up at the typical 5:45 a.m. and prepared scrambled eggs for DH. I sorted through the mail as he ate and read the morning's paper. Buddy woke early and immediately requested strawberry milk in a sippy cup. Just as DH was leaving for work, Sweetie also woke up and gave her dad a big hug and kiss.

Both the kiddos wanted a movie and coincidentally, a new one, The NeverEnding Story, had arrived from Netflix. They watched attentively and were very happy. When the credits rolled Sweetie exclaimed, "This is the best movie I have ever watched so far! I love it!"

When the movie was over, we spent a couple of hours doing some schoolwork (math, writing, reading) and packing for our weekend at the coast. I'm hoping to take the kiddos to the lake to look for amphibians and aquatic invertebrates.

We then went to the pool...

Arriving early, I got 950m warm-up (my usual 600m mixed stroke + 350m w/fins) done before Coach Bob stopped us. The drill set was speed work! In the pool, I actually enjoy speed work. Running... speed drills are an entirely different experience. 3 rounds of 6 x 25m free style. All out. 30 sec rest interval / 1 min rest between rounds. When we finished Bob said, "Ah! Is everyone breathing hard? Heavy breathing is always good... so long as it's not coming through the phone!" Everyone laughed. I knew immediately that I had to incorporate his quip in my blog post. Did you think I was going somewhere else with that title?

The main set was long...... 900 - 1500m freestyle (not freestyle every 3rd stroke). I did 1000m and really enjoyed this set. With the postal challenge coming up in just a few weeks - this was a good measure of how it would feel. Grand total - 2400m.

A Reflection...

While the kiddos were engrossed in their movie, I spent a little time here - blogging & browsing. Each day, I am more overjoyed with the connections and friendships I have made and rediscovered because of the internet. I have never felt more connected and centered than I do presently.

As I was swimming today, I did a lot of reflecting. Much of my cheerfulness today is due to my realization that friends come into our lives at times when we most need them. That everyone has a role to play and that our friends can and do continue to play a role in who we are. Who we can become. Though we may not always remain friends with everyone who has touched our lives, those that do stick with us are true kindred spirits.

I rely a lot upon my blogging friends - upon each of you. I honestly believe that I would not have been able to finish even one marathon without the comraderie and support that we provide one another. Now, Facebook has enabled me to reconnect with friends I've lost over the years... to stay in closer contact with friends I see daily and those whom I've had the pleasure to get to know through my blog. It has been a delight and a true pleasure.

For this, I thank you. Con todo mi corazon. Abrazos y amor.

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  1. Whether we stay in touch or not, you will always have a friend here :-)


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