Friday, September 26, 2008

Lack of Running Leads to Forgetfulness

I arrived to Masters late yesterday. I had forgotten Sweetie's Taekwondo uniform and had to turn back just after we left the house. Then as we were unloading and gathering our things (my swim bag, the kids' lunch bags, etc.), I realized that I had also forgotten to bring along a towel! I briefly contemplated NOT going in but I caught myself. "Forget it! I need this. I can't skip out on my swims, too!" Apparently, when you stop running - your mind starts to falter and you begin to forget things more regularly. Fortunately, they have towels you can rent for 50 cents.

So... I didn't get much of a warm-up in, just 300m (100m each of free, breast and back). The drill set was focused on breast - 16 x 25m with 10 sec rest interval. We were instructed to do 2 kicks for every 1 pull. Easy enough. I led off (the other 2 were talking) - I really pushed myself maintained a good lead each leg.

The main set was 8 x 150m - the first 50m free (threshold), the second 50m breast or fly (choice), and the last 50m free (threshold). I allowed the other 2 women go ahead of me - I knew they were stronger swimmers than I... I was actually surprised I had stayed ahead during the drill set. By the 3rd 150, I was lagging and I started to fall behind just a little.

Just before we had started the 150s, a 4th swimmer had joined our lane. I allowed her to go ahead of me as well as he started the 5th 150. I was feeling stressed that I was holding her up. Once I was last, I felt relief and allowed myself to concentrate more on my form and enjoy the swim. I felt more at ease and the feeling of fatigue lessened. Note to self - remember to relax and enjoy yourself. Stress and worry will bring fatigue.

Thus... a solid swim despite my tardiness. 1900m total.


  1. Ha! and I thought my brain was just becoming addled ;-)

  2. Great swim.. well everyone has days like that so completely understandable!

  3. And lack of running also leads to crankiness... ask my dear wife.

    Swimming, on the other hand, is positively good for you!

  4. you had to "run" back, so you actually DID get to ruN! :)


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