Sunday, August 3, 2008

Othello & Lions

We departed Central Oregon early on Thursday afternoon, shortly after DH got home from work. We drove down to Ashland for a date night, what has become an annual tradition of attending a play at The Oregon Shakespeare Festival. We arrived shortly before 5 p.m. and made a quick stop for the kiddos at Quizno's.

We then proceeded to the Ashland Springs Hotel where we had made reservations. We checked in and the kids and I spent a few minutes exploring the conservatory and the zoological displays in the lobby while DH attempted to take a short nap. At 6 p.m., the sitter arrived and DH and proceeded to stroll along Main Street to find a restaurant the intrigued our taste buds. In years past, we've always gone to Dragonfly, but we both decided to try something new. We decided upon Kat Wok and enjoyed a wonderful Asian inspired meal. DH ordered the Nigiri combo and I delighted in a Shrimp Scallop soup with a Coconut Miso broth. Yummy!

We engaged in an intriguing, uninterrupted, passionate conversation about our sexual fantasies ... nothing! We laughed about how we seldom get an opportunity to be alone and then when we do we struggle to come up with conversation!

After dinner, we walked up to the green area, an outside terraced theater, to enjoy the prelude to the evening. A youth group called, The Hobart Shakespearans were performing. They were wonderful! After their performance - I ran to the Tudor Guide to buy Rafe Esquith's book Teach Like Your Hair is On Fire! I started reading it that evening and finished it this morning! Wonderful!

We saw Othello and enjoyed the performance. However, our seats were not as good as last year when we were in the 2nd row. This year, we were in the balcony and it was a little difficult to hear. DH had a hard time staying awake... even I snoozed a tiny bit before intermission. The play begins at 8:30 in the evening... when you are used to going to bed shortly after 9, it is difficult to stay awake when the stars are above you and a light breeze comes through the Elizabethan theatre.

We returned to the hotel shortly before midnight and received a wonderful report from the sitter. The next morning we enjoyed delightful breakfast at the hotel before we proceeded to The Wildlife Safari for the kiddos. DH and I hadn't been since we were children ourselves so it was a delight for us all. To read more of our safari, read Lions & Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

After safari, we proceeded to the coast in anticipation of the Circle the Bay run the next day. We arrived in the early afternoon and spent the evening kicking back and visiting.

I'll post my race report soon!

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