Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just What I Need

When I discovered that Reid is hosting a virtual race ... the distance of just 1 simple mile ... I knew immediately that I had to sign up. We'll be up in Portland for the 5th annual BarCon - this year marks the return of our 1 mile fun run - so I could easily run two races (Reid's Virtual Mile & The Stagecoach Robbery) with one event! :D

I don't have a particular goal in mind for the Virtual Mile but it would be sweet to break 7 minutes. Don't know if it is possible, but a girl can try, right? I'll just have to make certain that someone else tags along side the kiddos. I'll post a follow-up race report, as expected, upon our return.

ORN: Mon - 4 miles @ 34:03 (8:30 avg pace)
OSN: Tue - 400m warmup; 250m w/fins (50m fly); 250m breaststroke drill; 3 x (150m free, 5 x 50m choice) = 2100 meters


  1. A one mile death run is tempting :-) but not with the little one in tow!!

  2. Thanks for posting this Makita. I appreciate you spreading the word. Good luck with your mile. I can't wait to hear about it and your other race!

  3. What? I think you'll definitely break 7. I *think* I can, so you DEFINITELY will! ;D


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