Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Mini Tri - In Reverse

A last minute scheduling conflict on Friday was going to prevent me from swimming with Masters. I thereby elected to swim on Thursday. Swimming Tuesday and Thursday actually works better anyway as we have other obligations around town and I can make better use of our time as well as our fuel.

However, my sitter comes to watch the kiddos Thursday morning. I didn't want to put off my run, knowing that if I had to push the jogger, I likely wouldn't do it at all. I thereby opted to run anyway. My plan called for a 6 mile tempo run (8:29 min mile pace). I thereby did a brief 1/2 mile warmup on the treadmill... stopped briefly to check on the kiddos and then resumed running. I was able to do a solid mile at 8:27 before Sweetie informed me that my little guy smeared cheese spread on the kitchen floor. As I was cleaning him up, the door bell rang. Yippee!

Time to hit the road. I set up the virtual partner and started the tempo run; 5 miles at a goal pace of 8:30. As usual, I started out fast and at the end of the first two miles, I was averaging about 8:04 min miles. I gradually began to slow down. I stopped briefly after the 3rd mile for water and finished the last two. In the end, I finished in 40:52, an average pace of 8:10. Sweet!

I then took a little time to spray off the the back patio (the kiddos and I had done a paper mache project the day before and it desperately needed cleaning), rounded up the little tykes, got my bike and the trailer down from the ceiling hooks in the garage, hooked 'em up and we were off.

We hadn't gone more than a mile or two when the chain fell off as I was shifting. Urgh! Fortunately, it happened just as a kind gentleman was getting into his car and he saw it happen. He was more than happy to give me a little assistance.

We were on our way again... off to the pool. We arrived in time for the kiddos to have a little splash time. As we were changing into our suits though, I bumped my eye glasses, they fell to the floor and broke apart! My luck! Anyway, the kids played for about 30 minutes and then it was time for Masters.

400m warmup
350m kicking, on side with fins
8 x 25m backstroke drill
3 x [ 4 x 50m choice stroke, descending; 100m recovery]
50m cooldown
Total: 1950 meters

Reverse Tri complete but I still have to pedal home....

We first made a stop at the post office, the library for story hour & crafts, the optometry shop to get my lenses repaired and Fred Meyer for a few groceries. We finally made it home about an hour later. 13 miles on the bike. I didn't even keep track of my time - I had to stop at lights, wait for traffic, pedal at a snail's pace up any incline as I was pulling 100+ pounds of kiddos, books, & equipment.


  1. Wow! Thats a pretty eventful day! You must be exhausted

  2. LOL! That should be an event in its OWN category ;-)

  3. Nice.. a very innovative way to plan the race along your life!


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