Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Taking it Easy

I have been taking it really easy lately. I've just been going with the flow... with what feels good. No training schedule. No plan. It is a nice change of pace. I feel relaxed. After the Dirty Half this weekend, I will start thinking more seriously about what marathon I would like to do in the fall. I will then revise a new training plan accordingly.

Running - Moderately Long and/or Tempo

8 miles @ 1:15:28 (avg pace 9:26/mi)
First 3.5 at 30:34 (8:42). Second 3.5 at 35:54 (10:15). 1 mile cool-down at 8:59.
A little goofy... my cool-down should have been slower whereas the second half of the tempo should have been faster. Hills? Fatigue? Whatever. It is what it is.

3rd June
Swimming - Masters

600m warm-up mixed stroke
300m kicking w/ fins
6 x 50m breaststroke drill
6 x 50m backstroke, descending
100m active rest
6 x 50m breaststroke, descending
100m active rest
6 x 50m freestyle, descending (ran out of time)
100m cool-down
2100m total

31st May
Running - Easy

4 miles @ 34:15 (average pace 8:33/mi)
DH accompanied me on his bike with kiddos in tow.


  1. Nah, it won't be a BQ course. It's going to be an "ish" course, measured by garmin, 26.2ish miles. You could run it anyway!

  2. You ran eight miles, pretty nice, doesn't matter how you got there. You have nice training times. Today was the first humid day in DC that I ran at noon (at work), with a faster runner pretty much at eights, and I wimped out at five miles and started walking. Just couldn't take it yet. My buddy walked with me even tho I said go on, runners are like that.

  3. Thats a nice 8 miler - with a "hot" cool-down!

  4. Taking it easy is a good thing :-) Enjoy!!

  5. Looking forward to hearing about your race! Nice to relax a bit!


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