Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In Which I Lose My Shoes

For the past few weeks since I've been back in the pool, not only is it open to the elements (removable roof), but it has also been set at long course or 50 meters. Since I always pause briefly at each wall to get an extra breath, I was a little apprehensive about this set-up. I'm getting used to it now. It is strange in that the workouts seem shorter as a result. I don't have to count as many lengths (on short course, 4 lengths = 100 meters).

Today I arrived at the fitness center, dropped the kids off at the Kids Corner, and proceeded to the ladies locker room to get changed. I discovered right away that I had forgotten to bring my lock - still don't even know where it is - so I stuffed my purse down into my gym bag and took it out to the pool deck with me. Coach keeps an eye on our stuff when this sort of thing happens.

Today's Workout
600 m warm-up
100 m with fins
6 x 50 m backstroke drill - Coach gives me the thumbs up! "Your backstroke looks good!" :D
2 x (3 x 150 m descending, freestyle)

I tried to keep track of the 150s to make sure I did in fact descend. The times are not exact but rounded off estimates. I don't know about you, but I can't keep all those figures in my head when I'm swimming.
Set 1 - 3:30, 3:20, 3:10
Set 2 - 4:00, 3:30, 3:00
Good stuff. We were supposed to do another set but we didn't have the time.

When I returned to the dressing room, I quickly showered. As I proceeded to put on my street clothes, I realize that my shoes were not in my bag. I could have sworn I put them in my bag before I had walked out to the pool. I looked all around the locker room. Nothing. I returned to the pool. 2 pairs of flip flops - neither are mine. I check with the south reception desk. Nothing. I check with the north reception desk. "Are they moccasins?" Bingo! Apparently, someone found them in the hallway so they must have fallen out of my bag.

I was relieved - mostly because I am quite fond of these most comfortable shoes - but I also had a few errands to do and would of course prefer to have shoes. I did find the whole situation quite comical, however.


  1. Phhhheeewwwwww!!! That would've been a real bummer if someone stole them.

  2. Hate it when that happens! Nice peeps rock :-)

  3. Nice workout. Glad you found the shoes!


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