Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm a Big Boy Now! ~ Thursday Thirteen #22

My little guy is all grown up! Well, not exactly, but he has made remarkable growth recently. In the past few months, he has begun to show many qualities or characteristics of a 'big boy'.

1. Using his words more frequently.
2. No longer hitting, biting, and hurting others intentionally.
3. No diapers.
4. Talks on the phone with Grandma and Papa.
5. He climbs in bed with us less often... maybe once a week now (down from 5-6 nights/week).
6. He will sit through several books without interrupting with loud car noises.
7. He enjoys listening to a chapter book as he goes to bed in the evening.8. He helps with chores more frequently.
9. Eager to help daddy with his chores rather than playing with his own trucks, legos, etc.
10. His own passions are coming forth - construction and entomology. 11. Beginning to develop friendships on his own (with neighbor boy and with others with similar interests at the fitness center childcare).
12. He is starting to participate in the delivery of content on our nature walks. "Mazanita. Little Apples. You can eat it."
13. When nature calls... he stands, aims and hits his target (i.e. the toilet bowl).

ORN: 6 miles (15 min warm-up = 1.5 miles / 2 x 1600 at 7:29 and 7:39 / 15 min cool-down)

Thursday Thirteen graphic created by Samulli at Everybody Lies.


  1. What a cute little man! He is sure growing up fast, huh!?

    Nice job on your run! wahoo!

  2. They grow up so fast, don't they? That first shot is SO adorable!

  3. Life is GOOD growing together...What a milestone it is for buddy. Enjoy the glorious summertime.

    The name of the book I'm reading is Teaching the Trivium: Christian Homeschooling in a Classical Style by Harvey Bluedorn, Laurie Bluedorn, and Johannah Bluedorn

  4. I love the first picture! He seems to be growing up fast!

    Nice 6 miler.


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