Monday, June 23, 2008

Dalmation Toadflax ~ Nature Study

Along my run this morning, I observed a large Dalmation Toadflax plant was growing along the river trail. I thereby stopped briefly and pulled out all the shoots that I could see.

Dalmation Toadflax was introduced as an ornamental plant from the Mediterranean in the late 1800’s. It escaped cultivation and is now considered one of the most wanted invasive weeds in Oregon.

Flowers are similar to that of a snapdragon and large plants produce nearly 1/2 million seeds. Dalmation Toadflax loves arid rangelands, pastures, railways and waste areas and is primarily a weed of the Inter-Mountain West and California.

As I run the trail each week, I will continue to be alert for Toadflax and other invasives. I encourage you to do the same. Pull the invasive weeds that you encounter in your area. We can make a difference by not allowing invasive weeds from getting a stronghold in new areas.

ORN: 10 miles at 9:27 min/mile average pace


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