Friday, April 4, 2008

Park Outing Scratched

This morning, we had planned to meet our home school friends at a local park. The park is located along the river - my typical long run route parallels the river and extends beyond the park, so I thought it would be a great idea to run to the park and thereby stop for a while to visit and allow the kids an opportunity to play. Thereafter, we would turn back and run home. The kids were excited about the venture - it seemed a little windy but I assured them that we would bundle up.

As we got underway, things were going really well. The sun was shining and Sweetie was making up a little song to celebrate the sunshine and coming summer months. When we nearly reached the river, 3.25 miles from home, we started to feel intermittent rain drops. The clouds in the west were ominous and I was concerned about getting far from home without adequate shelter for the kiddos. We thereby voted and decided it was best to return home and DRIVE to the park.

Just then, the wind really picked up. It was a struggle to climb back up the hill - evidenced by my average pace today compared to my run on Wed on the same course - though I did extend the run Wed through a flat area of the neighborhood.

WEEK 12 of 16

Tue 1st April ~ Treadmill
4 miles (w/many interruptions) - approx. 5 min total uphill time @ 38:56 min ...9:54 avg pace

Wed 2nd April ~ Pushing Double Jogger
Lap 1 4.51 miles @ 40:29 .... 8:58 avg pace (much of it downhill)
Lap 2 5:51 miles @ 59:26 ... 10:46 avg pace (much of it uphill, approx. 13 minutes TUT)

Fri 4th April ~ Pushing Double Jogger
Lap 1 3:25 miles @ 30:23 .... 9:20 avg pace (much of it downhill)
Lap 2 3:24 miles @ 38:54 ... 11:59 avg pace (much of it uphill, approx. 13 minutes TUT)

Thus Far 20.5 miles

On a couple of occasions the wind whipped through so strong that tiny pebbles were blown up into our face and stung our cheeks. The kids were just miserable... burying themselves in the fleece blanket we brought along. I felt terrible!

By the time we got home though, both had fallen asleep cuddled in the fetal position in the jogger. Just after I closed the garage door, gropple began to fall from the sky. Sweetie had inquired about it earlier, "What is that white stuff falling from the sky?" At the time she asked, I assumed it was just a little pollen a swirl but now I knew different. I thereby opted not to join the other home schoolers at the park. I didn't have the heart to wake my little angels. :)


  1. Awwwwhhhh how cute is that!! Gosh I still don't know how you do it, pushing a DOUBLE stroller! Dang! ;-)

  2. That was quite an adventure. It's good you were on top of things and turned around and headed back home. Your children are fortunate to have a great mom!


  3. Hang in there Makita!! It's times like these that test our resolve and our commitment. If you are resting and recovering mentally, then there is a reason for that. Give yourself a break. Don't beat yourself up, and let's see where this thing takes us!!

  4. looks like a solid week of running! I despise gropple..


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