Monday, April 7, 2008

For Akshaye

I'm back! DH bought me the new Photoshop Elements 6.0 for Mac... the scrapbooking bug has returned. Here is the first layout I created with the new software:
Now that I am scrapbooking again... I have another distraction that may interfere with my training plan. I best be careful. :D


  1. Wow.. thanks! That is so special. I love it. You made my day.. nopes my week :)

  2. So cool! Very artistic. I just found you via Akshaye, and I'll be tootling around your blog!

  3. Wes said it right. Nice pix you created for Akshaye--the hill (the agony) and the triumph (the thrill).

  4. How cool and creative is that!

    Your first project for a fellow blogger that ran his first race (congratulations, Akshaye).

    What a great thing to do and waht a talent you have to share!


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