Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Training ??

So... once again, I didn't get my long run in over the weekend. Family obligations and traveling just got in the way. I suppose I could have got up early - but I've just been so tired lately.

We returned home on Sunday evening and I contemplated doing the long run on Monday... but that would have put this week's mileage above 50 with last week at 21 and the following back down to 40ish. Would that have been okay?

In the end, I opted to do 7 yesterday. I didn't get the exact pace, though... Sweetie pulled the key off the treadmill when I had stopped briefly towards the end to help Buddy refill his sippy cup... she thought I was done. I'll continue forth this week as prescribed. Hopefully, I won't miss anymore key workouts - particularly long runs - before the marathon in May.

In unrelated news - we have reached a milestone ... Buddy is potty-trained! We are out of diapers!! Yeah!!


  1. Sweetie is trying to help, eh? LOL!! Yay for Buddy!!

  2. You are SOOOOOOOO lucky!! We JUST introduced the potty to the 2 y.o. I won't hold my breath LOL

  3. I've had a lot of stuff come up and interfere with training... the only thing that makes me comfortable is that I do usually get the long runs in.

    Hurray for Buddy!

  4. Out of diapers! Hooray! ::golf clap:: That's fabulous! Congratulations to mommy :)


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