Monday, March 10, 2008

Not Too Slow. Not Too Fast.

Thursday was a great day. The kiddos went next door for a playdate so I had a few hours to get in my run sans stroller... sans treadmill. The weather was perfect... low 60s, sunny and little wind.

I warm-up briefly 1.26 miles at a 9:00 min pace. I then proceeded to begin the tempo run. As prescribed, I was to do 3 miles at Goal Pace (8:30), 4-6 x 800 at Cruise Pace, and 3 miles at Tempo (8:10). Before I even got started, I opted out of the 800s. They really kick my butt and it was more important for me to do the tempo runs at the desired pace. I figured I could always do the 800s later on the treadmill, though I knew I probably wouldn't.

The first 3 mile set was completed in 24:42 (8:14/mi pace). A little too fast. It felt really good though and I didn't struggle to stay on pace in the least. The second 3 mile set was a little more difficult. I started to fatigue and despite my effort to stay on pace, in the end I had slowed and finished in 24:54 (8:18/mi pace). A little too slow. I suppose they balance out a little. I'm pleased, either way. I cooled down with a .65 mile jog home and called it a day. :)

I had intended to run on Friday or Saturday - just a short 3-4 mile recovery run, but I just got busy with errands and the kiddos. The opportunity just didn't present itself. I probably should get more aggressive in regards to running more frequently. However, since I haven't been swimming, I am a little concerned about a stress injury. I had previously run only 3-4 days a week. I balanced that with 1-2 days of swimming. There is a part of me that worries 5-6 days of running will bring back my Plantars Faciitis or something else.

Instead, we enjoyed a Sled Dog Ride on Saturday as a family. It was a very enjoyable and rewarding experience. We all had such a good time. To read more of our adventure, read my post All Right! on our homeschool blog.

Later that night, we attended a party at a friend's home. It was laid back - the kids came along with us. We later discovered that the kids outnumbered the adults 14 - 12! So... it was loud, but it was certainly enjoyable to meet new people, socialize, nibble on yummy food, and enjoy a few delicious adult beverages. I had just one Cosmo and a couple of shots of a Chocolate & Butterscotch Martini. Both were delicious! Had I not intended on doing my long run the following day, I likely would have enjoyed a few more.

As it was, Sunday is the day of my long run. DH enjoys getting out on his bike and accompanying me... it is really the only day he can squeeze in a workout. I thereby started first and covered about 8.5 miles before we met up along my regular long route.

En route, the batteries on my Garmin die and so I wasn't able to record my pace/distance for the entire run. I managed to get 11.56 miles at 1:53:19 (9:48/mi pace) before I opted to turn it off. I thereby asked DH to ride my exact route home so I could at least record the distance (he has a CatEye on his bike). The distance home was just over .8 miles... bringing me to 12.3. I originally had wanted to do about 16 but I was not feeling up to it at this point. My back ached despite a little stretching. My legs felt like lead. My breathing was labored.

I ate a few Luna Moons and drank some water. I thereby asked DH to go out one more mile and we'd then turn around. I hoped that a little carb boost would help but it didn't. I walked briefly on a small incline. It was all I could do to keep going. I just wanted to lay down and collapse. So, when we made it home again, that is exactly what I did.

Relief! The kiddos got out the scooter and tricycle. DH took them around the block. I just laid on the grass and did a little stretching. 14.3 miles was good enough.

Later that evening, however, the back of my left tendon bothered me. Just where the tendon attaches to the bottom of the calf muscle. It even felt a little swollen. When I would walk, there was a slight popping sensation... a little uncomfortable. I elevated it a bit. I took a couple of ibuprofen at bedtime. It seems fine now. It is probably nothing. I've encountered it once or twice before and it has always gone away before my next run.

Man! I wish I could go swimming!


  1. Phew! You were either up real late or got up real early this morning :-) and why can't you go swimming? No indoor facility?!?

  2. You're doing good. Hope that tendon thing goes away and stays away!

  3. I hope the tendon heals. Nice runs. Dog sleding is a lot of fun.. did you ride at the back and push the sled? Its pretty hard work on hills!

  4. hope the tendon pain is fleeting! like the look of your blog too :)

  5. Wowser, you are inspiring me to get moving, just a tad. I think a 5K might be more my speed. Thanks for stopping by my place - I'm a bit behind but hope to get in the swing of the green hour this weekend.


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