Monday, March 24, 2008

Cycling & Pulling

Last week was dismal in terms of mileage numbers. I had just a smidgen more than 13... just 2 runs (7 Wednesday and 8+ on Saturday). I just got busy and let time slip away. Then when I had time, I didn't feel like running one bit. I was easily persuaded to play hookie. It was a recovery week after all - and it sure felt good to just hang out with the family.

As this week begins, I wanted to assure that I jumped back in with gusto. Since it was a beautiful day and I had a few errands to run, I opted to pull the kiddos behind the bike rather than try to convince them to get in the jogger or entertain them while I attempted to run on the treadmill.

Though after we got underway, it seemed the stars weren't aligned in my favor and I met with every conceivable obstacle.

~ I had low air in my tires and had to turn back to pump 'em up.

~ I didn't get the buggy hooked up right and I couldn't make right turns... forcing me to stop yet again to make adjustments.

~ The part that latches the buggy onto the bike kept slipping, I couldn't get it tight enough.

~ The chain fell off when I was about 4 miles from home. It was stuck between gears and I couldn't get it free. Fortunately, a kind-hearted runner took pity on me and helped me release the chain and get it set properly again.

~ The bike fell over a few times - screwing up my handle bar alignment. Luckily, I was able to force it back in place without the need for tools.

~ When we stopped for lunch, I discovered that the security 'rope' and U-bar I use to secure my bike wasn't long enough to also secure the trailer. We thereby ordered quickly and dined at one of the outdoor tables despite a bit of a chilly wind.

~ When I stopped at the back, a man politely inquired if my helmet didn't feel unusual as I was wearing it backwards! (the horror!)

~ I kept forgetting to stop the Garmin when we would stop for our numerous errands (library, post office, bank, etc.) so I have no clue how long the actual 12 miles took me to complete.

I think that is about all of the mishaps that occurred... So, if I understand the conversions correctly, today's bike excursion was roughly equivalent to a 4 mile run - since I was pulling the buggy and climbed a good mile, I am going to record it as 5.



  1. Sounds like your karma was a bit out of whack! Definitely a five'er :-)

  2. My trainer thinks that in addition to running I should consider buying a bike. It's never been one of my favorite pastimes but I read about your adventures and think it may be something Amara and I could enjoy doing together!

  3. whoa.. that was a rough ride. Definitely worth 5.

  4. I know ti wasn't funny to you, but it sure read funny! Sorry you had such a tough one, but you stuck it out and got'er done! Way to go!


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