Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Poorest Excuse Ever

We went to the coast for the weekend. My girlfriend was having a baby shower so we conveniently arranged to meet my family for pizza on Friday night to honor my Dad and my little buddy for their February birthdays. Saturday morning I woke up and proceeded to gather my things to go for my long run. I was really looking forward to running outside around Empire Lakes and my hometown. It would be the perfect start to the day... providing enough time to cover the planned 13 miles, eat a wonderful breakfast that my father-in-law prepared, spend the afternoon with my girl, and return home in time for my FILs prime-rib dinner for his 3 boys and their families.

Only, I neglected to pack one thing. I brought my running pants (it is still rather chilly in the morning). I had a long-sleeved technical shirt. I packed my windbreaker. My shoes (two pairs in fact - I wore a new pair on the drive over to start breaking them in), socks, and Road ID. I even remembered chap stick, optional gloves, and my Garmin. I had fuel... both Gu & Hammer Gel. What I neglected to put into my suitcase was my running bra!

I'm not necessarily well-endowed. But I couldn't very well go out with them flopping! URGH! DH said it was a sign that I should rest. My shins did ache just a little. I contemplated driving to the store to buy one - but that seemed wasteful considering I have 3 at home!

As we drove home today... a 5-6 hour drive depending on road conditions (ice, snow, etc.) and how long it takes the kiddos to consume their Happy Meal... I didn't get to run today either.

My 40 mile week just dropped to 18. What a poor excuse for runner I am turning out to be?!


  1. A rest day is ALWAYS OK!
    Running braless...not so OK

  2. Yup! Now I am starting to worry about you! NOT!!!!!

  3. LOL! After having 2 kids (for me at least) I don't think I could ever run without a bra. I think I might scare others off with the constant flap sound.

    That's definitely a good excuse to rest! ;D

  4. You'll pick back up and your body will thank you for the rest. Keep your head up Makita and keep pressing toward the finish line.

    I'm glad you got to get away. It's good for you.


  5. unexpected rest days happen! Just make up for it some time.

  6. Poor excuse for a runner? Heck no! Life just happens sometimes!


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