Monday, February 11, 2008

Ice Skating

For the past couple of weeks, Sweetie has been begging us to take her ice skating. I am not certain where she came up with the idea - we've never really seen anyone skating. We kept putting it off... always with other obligations or poor conditions (windy/snowy). The weather and available time finally came together yesterday, so we ventured to the local skate rink for her first experience.

DH said, "I've never enjoyed skating... on wheels or skates. I'll probably spend more time on my arse than actually upright. That doesn't sound like a good time to me." He thereby opted to spend the time taking a few photographs and following Buddy around as he played on mounds of snow. I hadn't been on ice skates since I was about 10 or 12 so I was a little nervous myself. Fortunately, I had attended several school roller skate parties but even then, I am a novice.

You can glimpse the first few moments in this video...

I wasn't sure we would make more than one loop around the rink. She was pretty timid and kept pulling on my arms... I was basically holding her up. I kept asking her to stand up on her own... explaining that I couldn't support her weight and maintain my own balance as well.

A another woman volunteered to help support her by holding her other hand. This helped out tremendously and we did a few laps together. Here she is about 20 minutes after we first stepped onto the ice.

Sweetie, thereafter, had found her balance and was brave enough to do a several laps on her own. The woman who had helped us earlier remarked, "She is doing great! She is so courageous."

Sweetie even discovered how to get back onto her feet after she had fallen. She exclaimed, "I LOVE skating. I don't like it only a little bit when I am about to fall." I completely agree.

She is already eager to go again. She has found a new loved sport. She is blessed with athletic skill, balance and determination. We are very lucky.

For a few more glimpses of our evening, click here.


  1. I did some ice skating here. Never done it before. It was hard on my ankles, but I liked it :-)

  2. How fun! I remember growing up and Mom taking us about once a year over Christmas break. Think of the memories you are creating with your little ones. They are so blessed!

  3. Thats just great, she does sound like she has a new sport!

  4. Looks like fun, though I might of hung out with DH. I didn't know my ankles could bend so far till I tried ice skating!

  5. She was skating in 20 minutes? That's skill!

    Looks like it was a great family night together!

  6. awwww SO cute and SO neat you got it on video! Love your haircut btw ;)


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