Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Butterfly

I am enjoying swimming more and more each time I jump into the water. After a lengthy warm-up (I arrived a little early knowing I'd have to leave a little early), we did a butterfly drill... 12 x 25 m (odds - alternate single arm, evens - regular fly). Fortunately, we were permitted the use of fins. Even so, I feel I am getting used to this stroke. I just need to remember not to bend my elbow when reaching forward and position my arms better. A year ago, I couldn't even dolphin kick and coordinate my arms. I plan to take the butterfly clinic in January. I'm certain it will be an eye-opening and amusing experience.

This was followed up by 30 minutes of straight freestyle without a rest interval. I had time enough to do about 15 minutes (kiddos had swim lessons themselves) and in that time managed to cover 600m.

600m warm-up (alternate stroke every 50m)
200m w/fins
300m butterfly drill
600m freestyle

1700m total / equivalent to ~4 running miles

Tomorrow, I signed the kiddos up for childcare so I can run as well. It has been raining & snowing constantly for the past week or so and they have no desire whatsoever to go out in the elements despite my reassurance that I would bundle them up. So it's the treadmill for me.

Also newsworthy ~ I signed up for Oregon Masters Swimming (OMS) and United States Masters Aquatics membership. I am now officially permitted to participate in any pool meet, open water swim, postal swim, or national fitness event. We'll see what this brings me in 2008. Perhaps a swim competition is in my future??

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  1. I can't do anything but freestyle and a modified dog paddle masquerading as a breast stroke :-) I am getting some fins and hand paddles though. That should help, right? :-P


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